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Staff Reports

Applicable to More than One Study

Final report

Proposed Work Plan
Decision Tool: Work Group 1 - Adult (Jan. 10-11, 2008 meeting)
Decision Tool: Work Group 2 - Youth (Jan. 10-11, 2008 meeting)
Adult mental health MCA definitions/sections (Jan. 10-11, 2008 meeting)
Youth mental health MCA definitions/sections (Jan. 10-11, 2008 meeting)

SJR 6 - Study of Juvenile Justice System
(overlaps with HJR 26)

SJR 6 - A Primer: July 2007
A Nutshell Summary of a Blue Print for Change
Residential Treatment for Montana's Justice-involved youth
Excel Spreadsheet on Out-of-State Placements

SJR 24 - Study of Prison Population Growth and Diversion Alternatives

SJR 24 - A Primer: July 2007
SJR 24 - Drug Offender Sentencing Data Analysis
Drug Courts PowerPoint - attachments not included
Montana Drug Courts Excel Chart

HJR 26 - Study of Mental Health Treatment in Adult in Juvenile Justice

*Note: Juvenile justice reports listed under SJR 6 study

HJR 26 - A Primer: July 2007
Kendra's Law Research Memo (attachment links follow)
     Explanation of Kendra's Law
     State by State Chart
     "Should officials force care...?" article
     Treatment Advocacy Center Briefing Paper
     NAMI Public Policy Platform
     "A misguided alternative" article
     "Ethical considerations" article
     SB 266 by Waterman, 2001 Session
     "Patient overflow plan at Warm Spring" article
     MCA sections related to outpatient commitment
     MT Supreme Court Opinion
Legal Memo: Mental Health Care for Offenders and Detainees
Legal Memo: Recommendations (Jan. 10-11, 2008 meeting)
No. 1 - Custer County Jail Suicide Case Study
No. 2 - Mental Health Services and Suicide Prevention in County Jails
No. 3 - Jail Standards
No. 4 - Kentucky Jail Mental Health Crisis Network
No. 5 - State Prison Mental Health Care Standards
No. 6 - Transfer of Mental Health Information between MSP and Counties

HJR 50 - Study of Involuntary Precommitment Psychiatric Examinations

HJR 50 - A Primer: July 2007
HJR 50 - Survey: PDF version; Word version
HJR 50 Survey Results: Involuntary Precommitment Process and Costs

Tables for HJR 50 Survey Results
Precommitment Process and Oregon Diversion Program

For a staff report on outpatient commitments, see Kendra's Law research report under HJR 26 study

Other Issues

Judicial Salaries
Judicial Salaries Research Memo (attachment links follow)
     MCA sections related to judicial salaries
     NCSC salary survey briefing paper
     EXCEL Table 1
     EXCEL Table 2

Hardin Detention Facility
Legal Memo on Hardin Detention Facility Controversy

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