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State Administration & Veterans' Affairs Interim Committee

The State Administration and Veterans' Affairs Interim Committee (SAVA) is a joint bipartisan committee of the legislature that meets between legislative sessions. The SAVA: (1) monitors the activities of the Department of Administration, the Department of Military Affairs, the Office of the Secretary of State, the Office of the Commissioner of Political Practices, and entities attached to the named departments and offices for administrative purposes; (2) examines policy issues that include: procurement; information technology; state employee pay and benefits; tort claims; elections; campaign financing and practices; the National Guard and armories; veterans; and disaster and emergency services; and public employee retirement systems; and (3) makes recommendations to the full legislature on topics within the Committee's purview. The SAVA's responsibilities include reviewing the administrative rules of assigned executive branch agencies (Administration; Military Affairs; SOS, Political Practices). Legislative studies assigned to SAVA for the 2007-08 interim include HJR 46 (election laws) and HJR 59 (public employee retirement systems).

Statutory Duties, Membership, Sign Up for Electronic Notices of Committee Information

Meeting Schedule and Meeting Materials

Next Meeting: September 15, 2008
Last Meeting: June 30, 2008

Full Meeting Schedule

Assigned Studies

HJR 46 - study of election laws
HJR 59 - study of public employee retirement plans


Staff Reports
Proposed Legislation


No subcommittees formed at this time.

Other Committee Activities

State Agency Monitoring

Overview of Administrative Rule Review by Interim Committees
Legal Memo: Amended Statement of Reasonable Necessity, June 2008

Solicitation of Retirement Related Proposals

Proposal for Retirement Plan Legislation
Memorandum re Proposals to revise public employee retirement systems

Solicitation of Agency Legislation Proposals

Proposal Form for Agency Legislation

How to Contact Us

Dave Bohyer, Lead Staff, staff for HJR 59
Sue O'Connell, Research Analyst, staff for HJR 46
David Niss, Attorney
Fong Hom, Secretary
Legislative Services Division
PO Box 201706
Helena, MT 59620-1706
Phone: (406)444-3064
FAX: (406)444-3036
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