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ELG Subcommittee on Shared Policy Goals and Accountability Measures

The Subcommittee consists of four legislators. Representation will also be sought from the following four education entities that are identified in the resolutions: Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Board of Public Education, the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education, and the Board of Regents.

This subcommittee will focus on developing three sets of shared policy goals and accountability measures:

  • One set for postsecondary education (OCHE & BoR) which is already in progress
  • One set for K-12 entities (OPI & BPE) as urged in HJR-6
  • One set for K-20 entities (OPI, BPE, OCHE, & BoR) as urged in SJR-8


Sen. Bob Hawks (D)
Rep. Edith McClafferty (D)
Sen. Jim Peterson (R)
Rep. Bob Lake (R)

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