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Revise State Energy Policy


The Energy and Telecommunications Interim Committee is responsible for overseeing the state's energy policy, which is in 90-4-1001, MCA. The 2009 Legislature enacted Senate Bill No. 290, sponsored by Senator Verdell Jackson, which altered the ETIC's statutory duties related to the state's energy policy for the 2009-2010 interim, as well as future interims. During the 2009-10 interim, the committee is required by law to consult with "a broad representation of stakeholders, including the public and state agencies" and review and potentially revise the energy policy.

During the September 10, 2010 meeting the ETIC was unable to reach an agreement on draft energy policy statements. The committee, however, reached agreement on a bill draft to revise the energy policy review process and on a draft report to the Legislature outlining the processes followed in order to comply with Senate Bill No. 290.

Work Plan

The committee allocated the largest portion of its time this interim, .60 FTE, to revising Montana's energy policy. The ETIC will address the nine specific topics, as outlined in SB 290.

S.B. 290.Staff Reports

Draft Energy Policy: Report to Legislature
Energy Policy: New Building Efficiency
Energy Policy: Efficiency and Conservation
Energy Policy: Ratepayers' Energy Costs
Energy Policy: Alternative Energy Systems
Energy Policy: Coal-fired Generation
Energy Policy: State Lands
Energy Policy: Wind Integration
Energy Policy: Transmission Lines

Related Study Materials

Overall Public Comment (June 7, 2010 - July 7, 2010)
Energy Policy: Public Comment I

Public Comment Summary I
Energy Policy : Public Comment II
Public Comment Summary II
Energy Policy: Public Comment III
Public Comment Summary III

Draft Legislation
LC 318 -- Revised Energy Policy Review Process

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