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Revenue and Transportation Proposed Legislation

The Revenue and Transportation Interim Committee requested that staff draft the following as possible committee bills:

  • LC9000: Revise uniform penalty & interest provisions
    • Approved as committee bill at April meeting and renumberd LC 110
  • LC9500: Provide for one 2-year property reappraisal cycle followed by annual reappraisal for class 3, 4, and 10 property
    • Approved as committee bill at September meeting and renumbered LC 398
  • LC9501: Require DOR to review property tax exemptions and publish a list of exempt properties
    • Not approved as committee bill at September meeting
  • The following drafts will be acted upon at the November 19 meeting:
    • LC9502: Amend entitlement share payment for Missouls TIF 1-1C
    • LC9503: Clarify that class 8 property tax adjustments are based on corporation license tax collections
    • LC9504: Remove references to local government severance tax
    • LC9505: Repeal taxable value decrease for value added manufacturing

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