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Water Policy Proposed Legislation

LC 8000 - Define combined appropriation and require CGWA mitigationLC 8001 - Require public water and sewer in certain subdivisionsLC 8002- Reduce exempt well rate and volume LC 8003 - Limit exempt approporation in confined aquifersLC 8004- Limit exempt appropriation in subdivisionsLC 8009 - Clarify taxation and ownership of river channel changed by avulsion (option 1)The WPIC in July 2012 considered two options to clarify the taxation and ownership of a river channel changed by avulsion. Though LC8009 and LC8010 are similar in purpose, the WPIC is seeking public comment on LC8010.

LC 8010 - Clarify taxation and ownership of river channel changed by avulsionLC 8011- Generally revise water supply laws for subdivisionsLC 8012 - Revise laws related to water use in subdivisionsDefine combined appropriation - Sen. Hamlett
Establish stream depletion zones - Sen. Vincent
Final Committee Action

LC 8013 - Define combined appropriation
LC 8015 - Establish stream depletion zones

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