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September 12, 2014, EAIC Meeting

  • Agenda
  • Minutes
  • Actuarial Review of Montana State Fund; PowerPoint
    --Montana State Fund response; Letter to MSF Board
  • Agency Legislation
    __Dept. of Agriculture
    ----Bills: Advisory group Per Diem;
    ---------- Mint Committee;
    ---------- Noxious Weed Budget;
    ---------- Sampling

    __Dept. of Commerce
    ----Bills: Extend Sunset Date for Economic Development;
    ---------- Sharing of Tax Lien/ Penalty Information
    ---------- Sharing of Work on Visitor Center Information
    ---------- Revising Montana Heritage Commission laws
    ---------- Reauthorizing Big Sky on the Big Screen Act
    __Dept. of Labor and Industry -- Concept Summary
    ___Bills: Change Definition of "Total Unemployment" (pulled)
    ---------- Improve UI Collection Methods
    ---------- Housekeeping and Electronic Reporting-Paying
    ---------- Revise Prevailing Wage and Align with Federal
    ---------- Workers' Compensation Housekeeping
    ---------- Revise Boiler Inspection Charges
    ---------- Revise Crane Inspector Qualifications
    ---------- Clarify Boards' Fees Commensurate with Costs
    ---------- Provide for Alternative Disciplinary Process
    --- Board Bills: Increase Chiropractor Board Size
    ---------- Add License Type of "Barbering Nonchemical"
    ---------- Electrical Board Exemption, Jurisdiction
    ---------- Engineers/Land Surveyors License Clarifications
    ---------- Revise Funeral Service Education Criteria
    ---------- Redefine Hearing Aid Dispenser Board Terms
    ---------- Clarify Massage Therapy License Criteria
    ---------- Amend Licensing for Emergency Care Providers
    ---------- Revise Nursing Board Membership
    ---------- Expand Medical Assistance Program Coverage
    ---------- Adopt Nurse Licensure Compact
    ---------- Authorize Criminal Background Checks in Nursing
    ---------- Require Nursing Workforce Reporting
    ---------- Amend Outfitter Board Qualifications
    ---------- Revise Journeyman Plumber Qualifications
    ---------- Plumber Board Exemption, Unlicensed Practice
    ---------- Eliminate Separate Accountant License Types
    ---------- Revise Real Estate Appraiser Laws
    ---------- Revise Realty Regulation Laws
    ---------- Add to Realty Unlicensed Practice Regulation
    ---------- Revise Social Work/Professional Counselors' Board
    __Dept. of Livestock
    ----Bill: Feral hogs; pictures
    __State Auditor -- Overview
    ----Bills: Securities/Insurance Housekeeping Bill
    ---------- Allow for Military Discount
    ---------- Revise Benefits Coverage for Emergency Responders
    ---------- Prohibit Genetic Information Discirimination
    ---------- Data Privacy from Event Data Recorders;
    ---------- Allow Electronic Delivery of Insurance Policies;
    ---------- Limit Lookback on Homeowners' Insurance;
    ---------- Close Captive Insurance Loophole;
    ---------- Revise/Continue "Insure Montana" Program
    ---------- Revise the Montana Comprehensive Health Assn.
    ---------- Allow Major Natural Disaster Multi-Peril Insurance
    ---------- Revise External Review in Health Insurance:
    ---------- Adopt NAIC Model Public Adjuster Act
    ---------- Revise Insurance Laws for Accreditation;
    ---------- Create Supervisor Responsibility for Licensees (pulled)
    ---------- Strengthen Protections for Elderly Montanans
    __Division of Banking/Financial Services
    ----Bills: General Banking Bill;
    ---------- Credit Union Bill;
    ---------- Mortgage Housekeeping Bill;
    ---------- Nondepository Lender Bill

  • Agency-Related Information for Bill Drafts
    -- Cost of Putting PAARP at DPHHS
    -- State Fund Costs and Services Comparison
    -- State Fund Regulation Projected Costs
    -- State Fund Risk Triggers for Solvency
  • Committee-Suggested Legislation
    __ Raw Honey Bill Draft
    __ Loss-run Insurance Bill Draft
    __ Bill to move State Fund to State Auditor's Regulation; Explanation

  • Possible Committee Bills
    -- LCfrod, relating to State Auditor regulation of Montana State Fund;
    -- OSHA as a State Program
    -- Rehabilitation Benefits Revision as OK'd by LMAC
    -- Assignment of Temporary Workers' Compensation Judge
    -- Revision of Choice of Treating Physician, NCCI pricing memo
    -- Per Capita Livestock Fees
    -- Co-request with CFHHS on Revisions to Prescription Drug Registry
    -- Co-request with SAVA on Revising Interim Committee Duties
    -- Department of Labor/Industry proposed board contingency

  • Veterinary Diagnostic Lab Followup Livestock Updates minus brucella costs to producers, Draft Letter to Legislative Finance Committee, Final Letter

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