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Proposed Legislation

The committee proposed seven bills as a result of its work during the 2015-2016 interim. Committee-proposed legislation is listed below by topic, followed by DPHHS-requested legislation.

The official drafting (LC) number assigned to the approved bill drafts is listed in parentheses behind the subject of the bill. The bill's progress through the legislative process may be followed using the official LC number in the online bill-tracking system.

Committee Legislation

Following is a list of bills the committee agreed to introduce in the 2017 Legislature, by topic area.

SJR 22 Study: Guardianship/Alzheimer's Disease

  • LCCF02: Financial Protections for Vulnerable Adults (LC 278)
  • LCCF7b: WINGS Group and Grant Program (LC 281)
  • LCCF4a: Funding for Area Agencies on Aging (LC 279)
  • LCCF5a: Grant Program for Respite Care (LC 172)
  • LCCF6a: Funding for Increased HCBS Waiver Slots and Reimbursement Rates (LC 280)

SB 418 Study: Legislative Mental Health Investments

  • LCCF12: Medicaid Coverage of Drug Therapy Management (LC 170)

Agency Oversight: Department of Public Health and Human Services

  • LCCF11: Eliminating Certain DPHHS Advisory Councils and Reports (LC 171)

The committee considered but decided against introducing the following bills:

  • LCCF3a: Statewide Alzheimer's Facilitator
  • LCCF8a: Requiring Guardians to Report Suspected Financial Abuse

Agency Legislation

The committee approved the following Department of Public Health and Human Services proposals for early drafting and preintroduction in the 2017 Legislature:

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