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October 19, 2016 -- Commission on Sentencing Meeting Materials

Meeting Materials

  • Montana Justice Revinvestment Initiative Policy Options -- October 2016
  • Montana Justice Reinvestment Impacts and Reinvestments document -- Council of State Governments
  • Table of bill drafts (commission bills and preliminary drafts) - 10/13 update
    • Commission bills
      • LCj001 - Revising criminal justice laws (pretrial risk assessment and prosecution diversion grant programs)
      • LCj012 - Requesting an interim study to explore increasing access to tribal resources for tribal members who are involved in the criminal justice system
    • Commission bills requiring additional review
      • LCj002 - Generally revising criminal justice laws (PSI laws; risk and needs assessment use, training, and validation)
      • LCj003 - Generally revising sentencing laws (subcommittee recommendations)
    • Preliminary draft bills
      • LCj007 - Revising laws related to community corrections facilities and prerelease centers (9/2016 version)
      • LCj009 - Requiring behavioral health treatment services provided within facilities operated by or contracting with the department of corrections to be licensed by the department of public health and human services
      • LCj10A - Providing for licensure of behavioral health peer support specialists (9/2016 version)
      • LCj011 - Revising laws related to supervision of probationers and of defendants serving a deferred or suspended sentence
      • LCj013 - Generally revising laws related to the board of pardons and parole
      • LCj015 - Generally revising laws regarding housing options for offenders
      • LCj016 - Generally revising the crime victims compensation act
      • LCj017 - Generally revising laws related to offender intervention programs
      • LCj018 - Generally revise criminal justice laws (draft containing oversight and implementation policy options)

Other Background Materials

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