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HJR 24: DD Services for Adults

The 2017 Legislature approved House Joint Resolution 24 requesting a study of community services for adults with developmental disabilities. In a post-session poll of study priorities, legislators ranked the study 10th among the 20 study resolutions approved in 2017.

HJR 24 asks that the committee look into the following items:

  • the number of developmentally disabled adults who are receiving community services and the number who are waiting for services;
  • the length of time individuals spend on the waiting list for services;
  • the factors used to determine the amount of money the state will pay for services provided in the community;
  • the limitations placed on the use of the funds and how the limitations affect the ability of community providers to offer services;
  • the transition of developmentally disabled individuals from school-based services to community-based services, including the sharing of information among service providers;
  • service delivery models used in other states;
  • barriers to reducing the waiting list or providing community-based services in a more timely manner;
  • whether steps should be taken to update or revise the way that payments are determined or provided; and
  • whether steps could be taken to reduce the amount of time individuals must wait to obtain community services.

The committee adopted a schedule of activities for the study at its Sept. 11, 2017, meeting. Also at that meeting, the committee received information on the number of individuals receiving services, the waiting list for services, the types of services individuals may receive, and the process the state uses for determining how much Medicaid funding an individual will receive for community services. In January 2018, the committee heard about matters related to the transition of youth from school services to community services. Community providers also spoke about the concerns they have about the current rate structure and about workforce problems facing providers across the state.

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