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State Administration and Veterans' Affairs -- January 18, 2018 - Meeting Materials

Political Practices and Campaign Finance

Public Pension Plans

Voting Systems

  • Presenter materials will be posted as they become available

Veterans Affairs

Rule Review*

    • 1/17/2018 Memo re MAR Notice No. 2-2-568 (DOA: Notice of Proposed Amendment - Procedural Rules)
    • 1/17/2018 Memo re MAR Notice No. 2-43-564 (MPERA: Notice of Proposed Amendment - Adoption by Reference of the State of Montana Public Employee Defined Contribution Plan Document and the State of Montana Public Employee Deferred Compensation (457) Plan Document)
    • 1/8/2018 Memo re MAR Notice No. 2-13-566 (DOA: Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Adoption - Public Safety Answering Point Certification, Funding, and Monitoring)
    • 10/24/2017 Memo re MAR Notice No. 44-2-229 (COPP: Notice of Proposed Amendment - Campaign Finance Reporting, Disclosure, and Practices)

*Please see the Rule Review page for links to the full MAR notice, updates on when proposed rules were adopted, and information regarding any amendments that were made at the time of adoption.

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