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Hypothetical Situation No. 13

(same situation as in No. 11 and 12)

You are hearing a bill on second reading that would establish a self-help law center in each county in the state. The bill provides funding to hire a full-time attorney to staff each center. You are an attorney and are very interested in applying for this position should the bill pass.

Now suppose that the bill requires each county to hire an attorney who has resided in and practiced in that county for the immediate past 5 years. You know that you are the only attorney in your county who meets these requirements.

Question: Assuming you disclose the conflict of interest, can you vote on the bill?

AYes, but only if you vote against the bill.
BYes, but only if you are in the Senate.
CYes, regardless of whether you are in the Senate or the House.
DYes, regardless of whether you vote for or against the bill and whether you're in the Senate or the House.

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