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Hypothetical Situation No. 3

A professional lobbyist that you have worked with in the past offered to buy you and members of your caucus lunch at the Capitol Chicken Club (CCC), which provides a quiet location to dine and discuss business. You and several caucus members agree to have lunch with the lobbyist. While looking over the menu, which has a variety of chicken meals under $15, the lobbyist informs you that he wants to thank everyone for voting against House Bill No. 1000 by ordering the "DELUXE CHICKEN DINNER" for you and each member of your caucus. You happen to glance down at the menu and see that each deluxe chicken dinner comes with a bottle of Dom Pérignon that can be packaged to go. The price of the deluxe chicken dinner is not on the menu, but you perform a quick search on your smart phone and learn that the average retail price of Dom Pérignon is between $100 to $120 per bottle.

Question: Do you let the lobbyist pay for the deluxe chicken dinner?

AYes, because the menu does not indicate the price of the deluxe chicken dinner.
BNo, it would be a violation of the Montana Code Annotated to accept the meal.
CNo, because the champagne was not made with Montana agricultural products.
DYes, because the cost of the food is approximately $15, and it will take at least 3 days to consume the entire bottle of Dom Pérignon, which in turn would lower the amount the lobbyist spent on a per-day basis.

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