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Hypothetical Situation No. 4

The upcoming general election ballot contains several initiatives, including one of which you are highly supportive and want to see passed by the voters. The passage of this particular initiative will directly impact the constituents of your district in a positive economic way and is similar to legislation you have long advocated in your legislative role. In response to your inquiry on what you can do to help with the campaign for the intiative's passage, the proponents have suggested that you send a letter to your constituents urging them to vote "YES" on the initiative. This is obviously a task that, given your already extremely busy schedule, is best completed by having staff from the Legislative Services Division draft, copy, and mail during regular business hours at your state capitol building office.

Question: May you utilize Legislative Services Division staff, equipment, materials, or other legislative resources to send a mass mailing to your constituents urging them to vote "YES" on the initiative?

ANo, the Legislative Services Division staff is prohibited from urging voters to vote for or against a ballot measure.
BNo, the expenditure on legislative staff time, stationery, and equipment exceeds the $50 statutory gift maximum.
CYes, the prohibition on public employees assisting with the nomination or election of any person to public office using state resources does not apply to legislative efforts supporting or opposing a ballot initiative.
DYes, so long as you reimburse the Legislative Services Division for the total expenditures on the mailing from your personal funds or unexpended campaign contributions in your candidate committee account.

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