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Hypothetical Situation No. 5

Two days before the hearing on a bill that would benefit ABC construction company, you receive a call from the owner of ABC construction company who encourages you to approve the bill. The person informs you that it would be good for state jobs and you personally as well. As an added incentive, the caller also said he would be sure to send you a portion of any profits his company received as a result of your support for the bill. You inform the caller that you would be happy to vote for the bill and ask how much you should expect to receive. The next day you vote to approve the bill. So far, you haven't received any payment.

Question: Can you be held criminally liable for agreeing to accept money in exchange for your vote on the bill?

ANo, because the owner of the company is the only one that may have committed a crime.
BYes, because you accepted money in exchange for your vote in favor of the bill.
CNo, because you hadn't accepted any money prior to your vote in favor of the bill.
DYes, because although you hadn't accepted money at the time of the vote, you agreed to accept the money in exchange for your vote.

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