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Hypothetical Situation No. 6

One week after session starts, you are approached by a longtime friend and lobbyist who would like to meet with you about a potential appointment to the ABC board. You agree and take a quick lunch break to meet with your friend and a few of his colleagues. During the meeting you learn that your friend wants you to support a particular person for appointment to the ABC board. Your friend informs you that the person is expected to give highly favorable votes to your friend's company when it applies for several controversial permits to the ABC board in the coming months. He also tells you the person is independently qualified for the position.

You aren't completely sold that the person is the best candidate for the ABC board, but your friend insists that the person is qualified and that all you have to do is recommend the person for appointment to your Senate colleagues. Your friend also says that he knows you are termed out of your current seat and that he would certainly give you a job after the session is over if you could help him out. You are qualified for the position he mentions anyway so you offer to recommend the person for appointment to the ABC board but don't agree to accept any post-session employment. Before you make any recommendations, you learn the potential appointee to ABC board has withdrawn his name for consideration.

Question: Can you be held criminally liable for your actions?

ANo, because you are qualified for the position in your friend's company anyway so it wouldn't be wrong to offer to make a recommendation.
BNo, because you only offered to make a recommendation and the person withdrew his name from consideration.
CNo, because you never agreed to accept the position with your friend's company.
DYes, because you agreed to recommend the person to your colleagues.

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