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Hypothetical Situation No. 7

As a member of a legislative committee, you hear that a bill is going to come before the committee that would directly benefit your friend's company. You contact your friend and say that you will always be friends, but that you could use a venue for your daughter's upcoming wedding reception and that you can't afford to pay full price. As a side job, your friend owns and operates a popular events center that was previously booked the day of your daughter's wedding. You mention the impending vote on the bill and say that you would vote for it if he could help you out with the cost. He agrees and sends you confirmation of the date that was previously unavailable in the mail. The attached invoice shows that you owe half the cost of the regularly price for using the venue, which is normally $5,000. Unfortunately, your daughter changes her mind and decides to book a different venue for her reception and the bill was cancelled.

Question: Can you be held criminally liable for your actions?

ANo, because you only received a 50% discount and not the full amount.
BNo, because your daughter changed her mind and decided to book a different venue.
CNo, because the bill ultimately never came up for a vote in the committee so you didn't actually do anything wrong.
DYes, because you knowingly solicited a reduced or free rate for the reception in exchange for offering to vote in favor of the bill.

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