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Hypothetical Situation No. 8

As a veteran legislator, you are keenly aware of party politics and of the upcoming election cycle. To get jump on the process, you specifically direct nonpartisan legislative staff in the Legislative Services Division to begin conducting research for your campaign. As part of your strategy, you ask these eager-to-please legislative staffers to solicit campaign contributions from potential donors and to do other campaign and election related work using state time and state resources, even though you know such activities are prohibited by law.

Question: Can you be convicted of official misconduct?

ANo, because you didn't actually use state time or resources to conduct campaign related activities.
BNo, because using state time and resources to conduct campaign related activities is not prohibited by law.
CYes, because you knew it was against the law to use state time and resources to conduct campaign work, and you directed legislative staff to undertake the activities anyway.
DNo, because it's unclear whether your campaign received any benefit as a result of staff's activities.

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