Legislative Publications and Reports Help



Publications and Reports Search Help


There are ten methods provided to specify what to search for.  These ten methods fall into the three categories of Date, Text and Dropdown list.  The ten methods can be used alone or combined.



A search on Date will return all publications and reports that have a date that is equal to or greater then the Begin Date and equal to or less then the End Date.


Text (Title and Author)

To search on text field enter all or a portion of a Title or Author.  The search will return all publications and reports that match what you enter into the field.


Dropdown List (Department, Agency, Group, Program, Committee and Division)

Select an item from any dropdown list.  The search will return all publications and reports that have a match for the selected item.


Multiple Field Search

A search using multiple fields will return all the publications and reports that match the search criteria entered.  The search uses AND logic, so entering more criteria will produce fewer matches.


Advanced Sort Help


There are ten fields that a sort can be specified on.  For each field you can specify the Order and Direction.



The order can be between 1 to 10.  Each order value can be used only once.



You can specify if the field is to be sort Ascending (a to z) or Descending (z to a).  The default direction is ascending.


Search Fields Help


Begin Date: and End Date:

The date range in which a Report Date may fall.



The descriptive Title of a Report.



The Department the report was created for and/or by.



An administrative division of the State Government.



A system of services, opportunities, or projects, designed to meet social needs.



The name of the person, persons or organization that created the report.



A group of people officially delegated to perform a function, such as investigating, considering, reporting, or acting on a matter.



An area of government activity organized as an administrative or functional unit.



A number of individuals considered together because of similarities.



A topic name that describes an area of legislative interest.