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Recently Released Reports

Report Title Summary Reports Report Number
Information Systems Audit  
Data Integrity of the Status, Tax, Accounting, Audit, and Rating System (STAARS) Summary16DP-01
Follow up to 13DP-04 - Offender Management Information System  16SP-06
Follow up to 14DP-03 - Public Employee Retirement Information System (PERIS) Development Life Cycle  16SP-05
Follow up to 15DP-01 - CHIMES-EA Combined Healthcare Information and Montana Eligibility System  17SP-09
Integrated Justice Information Sharing (IJIS) Broker Summary15DP-05
TREADS Summary17DP-01
Performance Audit  
Brucellosis Management in the State of Montana Summary16P-06
Coordination of Liquor Licensing Compliance Programs Summary16P-02
Follow up to 13P-04 - Block Management Program  16SP-01
Follow up to 13P-05 - Workers' Compensation Insurance Premium Review  15SP-10
Follow up to 13P-08 - Administration of Montana's Drug Courts  16SP-19
Follow up to 14DP-02 - Data Reliability of the Montana Automated Educational Data Reliability  17SP-01
Follow up to 14P-01 - Information Technology Services Rate-Setting Process  16SP-20
Follow up to 14P-02 - Property Tax Relief  16SP-11
Follow up to 14P-04 - Bankcard Transaction Fees and Contract Management  17SP-03
Follow up to 14P-05 - Montana University System Workforce Data Reporting  17SP-16
Follow up to 14P-06 - Game Damage Program Summary17SP-02
Follow up to 14P-07 - State Real Property Management  17SP-10
Follow up to 14P-08 - Protecting Montana Consumers  17SP-17
Follow up to 14P-11 - Review of Child Abuse and Neglect Investigations  17SP-13
Follow up to 14P-13 - Railroad Safety  17SP-28
Follow up to 15P-01 - Licensing Real Estate Professionals  17SP-23
Follow up to 15P-04 - Montana Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory  18SP-03
Follow up to 16P-01 - Senate Joint Resolution 10: School Data Collection Systems and Processes  18SP-01
Licensing Real Estate Professionals Summary15P-01
Montana Heritage Commission: Managing Virginia City, Nevada City, and Reeder's Alley Historic Proper Summary16P-05
Montana University System Workforce Data Reporting Summary14P-05
Montana Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Summary15P-04
Oversight of Crossroads Correctional Center Summary15P-03
Oversight of Discretionary Pay Changes for State Employees Summary15P-05
Protecting Montana Consumers Summary14P-08
Regulation of Independent Contractors Summary15P-02
Senate Joint Resolution 10: School Data Collection Systems and Processes Summary16P-01
State Employee Health Clinics Contract Management and Oversight Summary16P-03
Financial-Compliance Audit  
Department of Administration Summary16-13
Department of Agriculture Summary15-21
Department of Corrections Summary16-15
Department of Environmental Quality Summary16-16
Department of Justice Summary16-18
Department of Labor and Industry Summary15-15
Department of Labor and Industry Summary17-15
Department of Livestock Summary15-22
Department of Military Affairs Summary16-25
Department of Natural Resources and Conservation Summary16-17
Department of Public Health and Human Services Summary17-14
Department of Public Service Regulation Summary16-26
Department of Revenue Summary16-14
Judicial Branch Summary16-27
Montana Arts Council Summary15-24
Montana Board of Housing Summary15-07A
Montana Board of Housing Summary17-07A
Montana Board of Housing Summary15-07B
Montana Board of Investments Summary16-04A
Montana Board of Investments Summary16-04B
Montana Board of Public Education Summary16-22A
Montana Facility Finance Authority Summary16-12
Montana Guaranteed Student Loan Program Summary17-06
Montana Historical Society Summary16-24
Montana Single Audit Report Summary14-02
Montana State Fund Summary15-05
Montana State Fund Summary17-05A
Montana State Library Commission Summary15-23
Montana State Lottery Summary15-30B
Montana State Lottery Summary15-30A
Montana State University Summary15-11B
Montana State University Summary17-13
Montana State University Summary15-11A
Montana Water Pollution Control and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Programs Summary15-25B
Montana Water Pollution Control and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Programs Summary15-25A
Motnana School for the Deaf and Blind Summary16-22B
Office of Public Instruction Summary17-19
Office of Public Instruction Summary15-19
Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education Summary15-20
Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education Summary17-20
Office of the Commissioner of Political Practices Summary16-21
Office of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor Summary16-23
Office of the Secretary of State Summary16-19
Office of the State Public Defender Summary16-28
Public Employees' Retirement Board Summary14-08B
Public Employees' Retirement Board Summary16-08A
Public Employees' Retirement Board Summary16-08B
State Auditor's Office Summary16-20
State of Montana Summary15-01A
State of Montana Summary15-01B
Teachers' Retirement Board Summary16-09B
Teachers' Retirement Board Summary16-09A
University of Montana Summary15-10A
University of Montana Summary15-10B
University of Montana Summary17-12
Contract Audits  
Dawson Community College  16C-06
Dawson Community College  15C-06
Flathead Valley Community College Summary16C-07
Flathead Valley Community College  15C-07
Legislative Branch Consumer Counsel  17C-11-Consumer
Legislative Branch Excluding the Consumer Counsel  17C-11
Miles Community College Summary16C-08
Miles Community College  15C-08
Montana Chiropractic Legal Panel  16C-10
Montana Medical Legal Panel  17C-05
State of Montana Consumer Counsel  15C-11

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