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Montana Index of Environmental Permits - 2014

  • Introduction
  • Land Designations
    • Conservation Districts
      Conservation Easements
      Floodplains and Floodways
      Heritage Sites
      State Lands
      Stream Beds - Stream Banks - Wetlands
  • Agriculture
    • Agricultural Seed
      Bee Keeping
      Cropland Leases on State Lands
      Fertilizer Registration
      Natural Beef Cattle Certification
      Noxious Weed Free Forage
      Organic Certification
      Plant Export
  • Building and Construction
    • Building Codes and Restrictions
  • Commercial - Industrial - Energy
    • Air Quality Permits: State
      Air Quality Permits: Federal
      Geothermal Leases
      Geothermal Leases on State Lands
      Hazardous Substances - Community Right to Know
      Hydroelectric Power Development
      Hydroelectric Power Development on State Lands
      Hydroelectric Development at State-Owned Dams
      Indoor Emissions - Employee Safety
      Major Facility Siting
      Wind Energy
  • Food Processing and Service
    • Dairies
      Slaughterhouses - Meatpacking Plants
  • Forestry
    • Burning Permits
      Cabin Sites
      Hazard Reduction
      Streamside Management Zones
      Timber Conservation License
      Timber Harvest/Best Management Practice
      Timber Sales
  • Highways - Transportation
    • Highway Advertising
      Highway Approach Permits
      Highway Encroachments - Occupancy Permits
      Oversize and Weight Permits
      Roadside Junkyards
  • Hunting - Fishing - Trapping - Wildlands and Wildlife Protection
    • Commercial Activities
      Fishing, Hunting and Trapping Licenses
      Fishing, Hunting and Trapping Regulations
      Wildlife Protection
  • Mining
    • Coal and Uranium Mining: Operating Permits
      Coal and Uranium Mining: Propsecting Permits
      Coal Mining - In Situ Coal Gasification
      Hard-Rock Mining: Exploration
      Hard-Rock Mining: Operating Permits
      Landowner Notification
      Mining Right-of-Way
      Opencut Mining
      Operations on State Lands: Coal Mining
      Operations on State Lands: Metalliferous Minerals and Gems
      Operations on State Lands: Prospecting
      Operations on State Lands: Stone, Gravel and Other Nonmetalliferous Minerals
      Recording of Mining Claims
  • Montana Administrative Procedures Act
  • Montana Environmental Policy Act
  • Oil and Gas
    • Geophysical Exploration
      Oil and Gas
      Operations on State Lands: Geophysical Exploration
      Operations on State Lands: Oil and Gas
      Undergound Injection Control
      Underground Storage of Natural Gas on State Lands
  • Parks and Recreation
    • Boating
      Campgrounds - Trailer Courts - Work Camps - Youth Camps
      Off-Highway Vehicles
      River Recreation
      State Parks
  • Solid Waste - Hazardous Waste
    • Hazardous Waste Disposal
      Incinerators - Hazardous Waste/Boilers and Industrial Furnaces
      Infectious Waste
      Methamphetamine Labs - Cleanup of Clandestine Operations
      Motor Vehicle Wrecking Facilities
      Radioactive Waste Disposal
      Solid Waste Disposal (Nonhazardous)
      Underground Storage Tanks
  • Subdivisions
    • Sanitations in Subdivisions Act
      Subdivision and Platting Act
  • Utilities
    • Highway Utility Easements
      Improvement and Utility Districts
      Natural Gas Suppliers
      Pipelines: Underground Excavation
      Utility and Motor Carrier Regulation
      Utility Lines
  • Water
    • Dams and Reservoirs
      Public Water Supply
      Septic Tanks, Cesspools, and Privies
      Sewer Systems
      Water Appropriations - Ground Water
      Water Appropriations - Surface Diversions
      Water Quality Permitting
      Water Pollution: Federal - Indian Reservations
      Water Wells
  • Weather Modification
  • Appendix 1: Montana State Agencies
  • Appendix 2: State Agency Regional Offices
  • Appendix 3: Local Permitting Authorities
  • Appendix 4: Federal Agencies
  • Appendix 5: Tribal Governments
  • Index

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