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Legislative Services Division Staff

Central Services Office
Communications Office
Office of Research and Policy Analysis
Legal Services Office
Legislative Environmental Policy Office
Office of Legislative Information Technology


Central Services Office

Susan Byorth Fox Executive Director 406-444-3066
Jennifer Simmons Financial Services Manager 406-444-9542
Kelly DaSilva Human Resources Manager 406-444-3230
Lesley Bergman Human Resources Specialist 406-444-3201
Dawn Hicks Accounting Specialist 406-444-3411
Lenore Adams Facilities Coordinator 406-444-4456

Communications Office

Kevin Hayes Legislative Communications Officer 406-444-3067
Sonia Gavin Legislative Information Resources Manager 406-444-4848
Pam Weitz Library Technician 406-444-4043
K'Lynn Sloan Harris Audio/Video Coordinator 406-444-3267
Derek Gallagher Publications and Web Content Specialist 406-444-2957

Office of Research and Policy Analysis

Dave Bohyer Director 406-444-3064
  Research Analyst 406-444-3957
Leanne Kurtz Research Analyst 406-444-3593
Pad McCracken Research Analyst 406-444-3595
Megan Moore Research Analyst 406-444-4496
Pat Murdo Research Analyst 406-444-3594
Sue O'Connell Research Analyst 406-444-3597
Sheri Scurr Research Analyst 406-444-3596
Rachel Weiss Research Analyst 406-444-5367
Fong Hom Legislative Secretary/Document Technician 406-444-3073
Joy Lewis Legislative Secretary/Document Technician 406-444-0502
Courtney Cannon Receptionist 406-444-4871
Kristina Liming Receptionist 406-444-9541

Legal Services Office

Todd Everts Director, Code Commissioner 406-444-3064
Ginger Aldrich Attorney 406-444-3064
Julianne Burkhardt Attorney 406-444-3064
Bart Campbell Attorney 406-444-3064
Jaret Coles Attorney 406-444-3064
Julie Johnson Attorney 406-444-3064
Alexis Sandru Attorney 406-444-3064
Laura Sankey Attorney 406-444-3064
Helen Thigpen Attorney 406-444-3064
Jameson Walker Attorney 406-444-3064
Connie Dixon

Chief Legislative Technical Editor

Shana Harrington Legislative Technical Editor 406-444-3058
Karl Krempel Legislative Technical Editor 406-444-3087
Jesse Northerner Legislative Technical Editor 406-444-1825
Kip Rusek Senior Proofreader, Annotations Coordinator 406-444-3719

Legislative Environmental Policy Office

Joe Kolman Legislative Environmental Analyst 406-444-3747
Hope Stockwell Research Analyst 406-444-9280
Sonja Nowakowski Research Analyst 406-444-3078
Jason Mohr Research Analyst 406-444-1640
Dawn Field Research Assistant 406-444-3742

Office of Legislative Information Technology

Dale Gow Chief Information Officer 406-444-1646
Mike Allen Network Manager 406-444-4101
Sky Foster Network Engineer 406-444-3214
Josh Gillespie Network Engineer 406-444-2795
Jeff Thomas Network Administrator 406-444-2088
Cyndie Lockett Network Administrator 406-444-1943
Amy Moore Network Administrator 406-444-1646
Darrin McLean Enterprise Architect 406-444-0540
Ryan Ball Computer Support Specialist 406-444-4153
Steve Eller Computer Systems Manager 406-444-3590
Jim Gordon Programmer/Analyst 406-444-2493
Alysa Semans Programmer/Analyst 406-444-3591
Jerry Churchill Systems Analyst 406-444-3715
Dale Matheson Systems Analyst 406-444-3262


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