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HD 39

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BROADUS, MT 59317-0002
Home: (406)436-2001
Committee Assignments
Associated Bills (Sponsor, etc.)

Committee Assignments

(H) TaxationMember
(H) AgricultureVice Chair
(H) Natural ResourcesMember

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Associated Bills (Sponsor, etc.)

LC NumberBill Type - NumberAssociation with BillStatusStatus DateShort Title
LC0096HB 148Primary Sponsor(S) Died in Standing Committee04/21/2005Provide actuarial funding for retirement systems
LC0097HB 36Primary Sponsor(H) Missed Deadline for Appropriation Bill Transmittal03/30/2005Repay loan for startup costs of Defined Contribution Retirement Plan
LC0523HB 244Primary SponsorChapter Number Assigned04/19/2005Designate Terry as home of Evelyn Cameron
LC0524HB 272Primary SponsorChapter Number Assigned05/02/2005Half-priced hunting licenses to certain disabled veterans
LC0525HB 242Primary SponsorChapter Number Assigned03/24/2005Age waiver for hunting license for terminally ill youth
LC0526 Not Assigned Requester(C) Draft Died in Process04/21/2005Attach independent living budget to Governor's office budget
LC0531HB 243Primary Sponsor(H) Missed Deadline for Appropriation Bill Transmittal03/30/2005Revise reimbursement of counties for detention costs
LC0532HB 273Primary SponsorChapter Number Assigned03/24/2005Exempt rural transportation providers from PSC authority
LC0730HB 37Primary SponsorChapter Number Assigned03/15/2005Retention of interest earned on livestock assessments in per capita fee account
LC0785HB 121Primary Sponsor(H) Missed Deadline for General Bill Transmittal03/01/2005Revise net metering laws
LC1855HB 433Primary Sponsor(H) Missed Deadline for Revenue Bill Transmittal04/04/2005Uniform interest assessment for violation of tax provisions
LC2145HB 371Primary SponsorChapter Number Assigned04/08/2005Revise funding mechanism for county predator control
LC2169HB 752Requester(H) Missed Deadline for Revenue Bill Transmittal04/04/2005Loan to Supreme Court for financing IT improvements in Judicial Branch

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