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HD 25

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GREAT FALLS, MT 59404-1637
Home: (406)453-5274
Committee Assignments
Associated Bills (Sponsor, etc.)

Committee Assignments

(H) State AdministrationMember
(H) Local GovernmentMember
(H) Natural ResourcesMember
(H) EthicsVice Chair

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Associated Bills (Sponsor, etc.)

LC NumberBill Type - NumberAssociation with BillStatusStatus DateShort Title
LC0023HB 14RequesterChapter Number Assigned03/24/2005Authorize auction of mountain goat license
LC0269 Not Assigned Requester(C) Draft Canceled02/02/2005Revise major facility siting act
LC0367HB 48Primary Sponsor(H) Missed Deadline for General Bill Transmittal03/01/2005Solid waste licensing exclusions
LC0408HB 20Primary SponsorChapter Number Assigned03/24/2005Revise eligibility criteria for admittance to school for deaf and blind
LC0721HB 44Primary SponsorChapter Number Assigned04/08/2005Exempt school for deaf and blind from nongeneral fund expenditure requirement
LC1444HB 540Primary SponsorChapter Number Assigned04/29/2005Bonding for higher education and other state projects
LC1513 Not Assigned Requester(C) Draft Died in Process04/21/2005Establish air quality standards for new coal fired plants
LC2219HB 599Requester(H) Missed Deadline for General Bill Transmittal03/01/2005DNRC authority to control noxious weeds on state lands

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