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Committee Assignments
Associated Bills (Sponsor, etc.)

Committee Assignments

(H) RulesMember
(H) JudiciaryMember
(H) Local GovernmentChair
(H) Federal Relations, Energy, and TelecommunicationsMember

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Associated Bills (Sponsor, etc.)

LC NumberBill Type - NumberAssociation with BillStatusStatus DateShort Title
LC0045HB 153Primary SponsorChapter Number Assigned04/15/2005Protect utility assets from affiliates
LC0407HB 27Primary SponsorChapter Number Assigned03/15/2005Revise timing of financial reviews by historical society
LC0443HB 354Primary SponsorChapter Number Assigned03/24/2005Revise mobile home landlord tenant law
LC1153HB 288Primary SponsorChapter Number Assigned04/29/2005Corrections to collect supervisory fees instead of clerk of court
LC1305HB 457Primary SponsorChapter Number Assigned04/29/2005Revise law governing radiologic technologists
LC1342HB 232Primary Sponsor(S) Died in Standing Committee04/21/2005Require presentence report to propose payment of IT charge
LC1919 Not Assigned Requester(C) Draft Died in Process04/21/2005Clarify taxation of mobile office trailers
LC2047SB 214RequesterChapter Number Assigned04/15/2005Clarify law on damages for trespass to take timber
LC2252HB 701Primary SponsorChapter Number Assigned04/29/2005Revise estate and trust law
LC2253HB 727Requester(H) Missed Deadline for General Bill Transmittal03/01/2005Revise determination of invalid votes

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