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HD 20

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HELENA, MT 59602-7048
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Committee Assignments
Associated Bills (Sponsor, etc.)

Committee Assignments

(H) RulesMember
(H) TransportationMember
(H) Fish, Wildlife and ParksChair

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Associated Bills (Sponsor, etc.)

LC NumberBill Type - NumberAssociation with BillStatusStatus DateShort Title
LC0023HB 14Primary SponsorChapter Number Assigned03/24/2005Authorize auction of mountain goat license
LC0069HB 29Primary SponsorChapter Number Assigned03/15/2005Revise definition of "short-term worker" for legislative purposes
LC0234HB 79Primary SponsorChapter Number Assigned03/24/2005Make the Habitat Montana program permanent
LC0238HB 119Primary SponsorChapter Number Assigned04/22/2005Make permanent county recreational boating safety grants, boating advisory cncl
LC0460HB 26Primary SponsorChapter Number Assigned03/24/2005Restrict liability of health care provider for ostensible agency
LC0463HB 24Primary SponsorChapter Number Assigned03/24/2005Restrict evidence of expressions of sympathy
LC0748HB 134Primary Sponsor(H) Missed Deadline for Revenue Bill Transmittal04/04/2005Income tax credit for expenses for education at Montana Univ. System
LC0813 Not Assigned Requester(C) Draft Died in Process04/21/2005Health care liability and injured patient's compensation insurance plan
LC1035 Not Assigned Requester(C) Draft Died in Process04/21/2005Count employer contributions as salary for public retirement
LC1276HB 346Primary SponsorChapter Number Assigned04/22/2005Revise employment restriction for retired volunteer firefighters
LC1277 Not Assigned Requester(C) Draft Died in Process04/21/2005Tuition credit for nontransferable credits within university system
LC1383HB 312Primary SponsorChapter Number Assigned03/24/2005Expenditure of Smith River user fees for specific purposes
LC1411 Not Assigned Requester(C) Draft Died in Process04/21/2005Revise state land lease laws
LC1466HB 409Primary SponsorChapter Number Assigned04/08/2005Revise workforce drug and alcohol testing
LC1956HB 421Primary SponsorChapter Number Assigned04/29/2005Nonresident child of resident hunting and fishing licenses
LC1989 Not Assigned Requester(C) Draft Died in Process04/21/2005Revise nonresident hunting and fishing license fees
LC2006 Not Assigned Requester(C) Draft Died in Process04/21/2005Authorize municipal membership corporation
LC2007HB 642Primary Sponsor(H) Missed Deadline for General Bill Transmittal03/01/2005Authorize local governing entities to become default suppliers
LC2147HB 769Primary SponsorChapter Number Assigned05/06/2005Creating the rail service competition council

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