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Session Information via E-mail

Would you like to receive session announcements and other timely information via e-mail during the legislative session? If so, choose one of the signup methods below.

Here's what you will be getting:

  • Notifications of upcoming legislative deadlines and important events.
  • Statistics related to legislative activity.
  • Links to selected reports.
  • Other significant information related to the session.

If you sign up you will receive session information messages throughout the 2005 session (approximately November, 2004 through May, 2005). Typically, messages will be sent to you once a week. During peak session activity you may receive more. We'll try to keep the messages short, and to the point, so you get only the timely information you need.

Instructions for canceling delivery will be included at the bottom of each message.

NOTE: For your protection, the Legislative Services Division uses what is referred to as a 'double opt-in' system for accepting subscriptions. When you submit this request, we will send an email to the address you just provided. The email will come from 'Sessionannouncements Confirmation (from Lyris ListManager)' and will have a subject of 'Your confirmation is needed.' You must respond to this email to complete your subscription. If you do not respond within 14 days, your name will be removed from the subscription list.

Email address:
(optional) Your name:


Send a blank (no subject and no body) e-mail message to the automated signup.

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