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Laws Passed in 2009 Session

This list includes all House and Senate bills that have passed both chambers of the Legislature and are scheduled to become state law on their effective dates. It does not include resolutions passed by the Legislature, which do not have the force of law.

Effective Dates

  • General bills: October 1, 2009, unless the bill specifies otherwise
  • Appropriation bills: July 1, 2009, unless otherwise specified

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House Bills

HB 1 Feed bill for legislative session
HB 2 General appropriations act
HB 3 Supplemental appropriations
HB 4 Appropriations normally made by budget amendment
HB 5 Long-range building appropriations -- include energy conservation
HB 6 Renewable resource grants and loans
HB 7 Reclamation and development grants and loans
HB 8 Renewable resource bonds and loans
HB 9 Cultural and aesthetic grant appropriations
HB 10 Long range information technology funding bill
HB 11 Treasure state endowment appropriations
HB 13 Pay plan for state employees
HB 19 Revise and clarify state election laws
HB 21 Repeal termination date for recycling tax incentives
HB 23 Remove statutory references to Legislative Administration Committees
HB 24 Recodify individual income tax laws
HB 27 Revise universal system benefits law
HB 34 Revise TRS retirement statutes; address return-to-work and funding issues
HB 37 Language modernization of MCA for comprehensibility and gender neutrality
HB 38 Revise laws to reflect passage of 6-mill levy
HB 39 Revise water right enforcement laws
HB 40 Revise water right permit process
HB 41 Revise water quality laws for aquifer recharge or mitigation
HB 42 Forest management program for FWP land
HB 44 Revise DNRC participation in federal forest management planning
HB 45 Compliance with federal law for forest reserve payments
HB 46 Change date for quality educator loan repayment assistance
HB 48 Revise laws relating to Growth through Agriculture program
HB 52 Fund hydrogeologic study
HB 54 Separate index for Montana Constitution
HB 55 Geographical restrictions on juvenile sexual offenders
HB 57 Clarify school district consolidations and annexations
HB 58 Eliminate social security contribution account from state law
HB 59 Generally revise retirement laws to comply with federal changes
HB 61 Revise interlibrary loan program
HB 67 Rulemaking authority for Board of County Printing
HB 70 Clarify application of exclusions from drug schedules
HB 71 Repeal sunset of hospital bed tax
HB 72 Clarify duration of caretaker relative educational authorization affidavit
HB 74 Authorize archery seasons for mountain lion, wolf, bear
HB 75 Revise environmental rehabilitation and response account use
HB 76 Generally revise unemployment insurance laws
HB 78 Revise timber salvage harvest laws
HB 80 Revise professional and occupational licensing laws
HB 82 Revise deposit of stranded 911 revenue
HB 85 EMS grant program
HB 90 Revise laws to consider llamas as livestock for wolf predation purposes
HB 93 Clarify EMS medical direction and handling of complaints
HB 94 Clarify liquor license laws related to security interests
HB 95 Cost of care contributions under Youth Court Act
HB 98 Revise energy performance contracting for state buildings
HB 100 Revise composition of mint committee
HB 101 Extend deadlines related to wage withholding in cases of theft
HB 103 Revise tow truck insurance reporting provisions
HB 104 Revise source of funding for pay for state active duty for firefighting
HB 106 Revise law on delayed or amended birth certificates
HB 107 Revise definition of enterprise funds
HB 108 Revise deposit of restitution payments
HB 109 Generally revise retirement statutes
HB 110 Revise law for acquisition of state office space
HB 112 Amend threshold for Legislative Finance review of budget change documents
HB 114 Clarify licensure and liability in public health emergencies
HB 116 Clarify proof of insurance for motor vehicles
HB 118 Revise distribution of 911 funds
HB 119 Revise employment laws, including workers compensation
HB 120 Allow use of electronic bid bonds for highway projects
HB 121 Revise military statutes for changes in Uniform Code of Military Justice
HB 122 Revise false claims act
HB 123 Extend coal trust funded econ dev programs--reduce statutory approps
HB 125 Amend law to delete reference to single state registration system
HB 126 Authorize Dept of Admin to determine workers' comp policy for all state agencies
HB 127 Provide for proceeds from military sales
HB 128 Revise appropriations for aerospace and technology projects
HB 129 Revise flood plain map adoption laws
HB 130 Grant program for local crisis services and jail diversion for mentally ill
HB 131 State contracting for mental health emergency detention beds
HB 132 Diversion from involuntary commitment to short-term inpatient treatment
HB 133 Streamline child support enforcement
HB 135 Revise laws implementing the Fort Belknap-Montana Water Rights Compact
HB 136 Clarify appointment process for Board of Personnel Appeals
HB 137 Revise license benefits for hunter access program
HB 138 Revise employment safety and occupational health acts
HB 139 DNRC intervention authority in federal forest management projects
HB 140 Increase excess sustained yield authority for forest health
HB 144 Clarify return to employment for public officers
HB 146 Require more details of campaign expenditures
HB 147 Revise disclosure of certain late-stage campaign expenditures
HB 149 Restitution and probationary supervision fees
HB 150 Montana recreation responsibility act
HB 151 Revise breast reconstruction mandate to comply with federal law
HB 152 Quality schools facility grant program
HB 153 Revise the Voluntary Cleanup and Redevelopment Act
HB 154 Make fire suppression fund permanent, fund and revise use
HB 155 Require state agencies to develop procedures to protect personal information
HB 158 Tribal eligibility for economic development loans
HB 159 Require actuarial opinion summary for domestic property and casualty insurers
HB 160 Revise captive insurer laws
HB 161 Establish the Blackfeet-Montana Water Compact
HB 163 Revise tax incentives for motion picture industry
HB 168 Expand asset eligibility for beginning farm loan program
HB 170 Ensuring tax qualification by IRS of certain retirement systems
HB 171 Repeal state regulation of pro and semipro combative events
HB 172 Provisional hunter safety certificate for persons with disabilities
HB 173 Appropriation for rural Montana healthcare delivery assistance pilot project
HB 177 Define conditional discharge of an imposed sentence
HB 179 Revise renewable portfolio standard
HB 181 Authorize design-build water and sewer districts
HB 190 Clarify bridge access law
HB 192 Prohibit legislators from changing vote during override poll
HB 193 Change name of Coordinator of Indian Affairs to Director of Indian Affairs
HB 194 Statutory appropriation for county payment from hard rock mining trust account
HB 195 Revise restaurant beer and wine license laws
HB 197 Clarify signature requirements for recall petitions
HB 203 Require landowner notification of animal relocation and release
HB 204 Revise work comp law re independent contractor
HB 205 Revise law on postconviction petitions
HB 207 Revise renewable portfolio standard for size of community projects
HB 208 Revise renewable portfolio standard for size of community projects
HB 213 Establish SW Montana veteran's home
HB 214 Revise medicaid eligibility for pregnant women
HB 218 Generally revise fish and game laws
HB 221 Revise time for eligibility for youth hunting license
HB 222 Revoke hunting and fishing privileges until fines paid
HB 223 Revise laws governing revocation of hunting, fishing, and trapping privileges
HB 224 Loan reimbursement program for state institutional nurses
HB 228 Citizen self-defense and firearm rights
HB 230 Revise local government employee incentive program
HB 238 Establish a Montana teen driver safety day
HB 242 Revise juror fees laws
HB 243 Require a report and recommendations on the children's system of care
HB 244 Clarify law on absence by county officer
HB 245 Authorize counties to create compensated absence fund
HB 246 Exempt Montana-made firearms and ammunition from commerce clause
HB 247 Generally revise agriculture laws--re: definition of natural beef
HB 258 Funding for Insure Montana
HB 262 Revise list of low emission wood combustion devices that qualify for tax credit
HB 263 Ensure patient's right to know costs of medical procedures
HB 264 Patient's right to know insurer coverage provisions for medical procedures
HB 269 Revise monetary credit for jail service
HB 270 Revise floodplain laws
HB 273 Revise costs related to search and rescue
HB 278 Revise coal bond reclamation laws
HB 279 Revise laws relating to transportation
HB 280 Community Health Center support act
HB 283 Revise workers compensation act on exemptions, claims examiners, safety funding
HB 285 Authorize use of gray water in commercial and multifamily structures
HB 287 Authorize utility tree trimming on right-of-way and easements
HB 288 Ban reproductive human cloning
HB 290 Increase sales amount requiring produce license for farmer's market vendors
HB 291 Revise ins. law on glass & body repair to use average prevailing market price
HB 293 Law enforcement certification for certain former military personnel
HB 294 Revise natural gas laws
HB 296 Tribal fish and game wardens as ex officio wardens under cooperative agreement
HB 298 Limit nondeferment of judgment to commercial vehicles
HB 301 Include paralegal services in attorney fee awards
HB 304 Name portion of US Highway 2 after Highway Patrol officer David Graham
HB 306 Extend certain permanent license plates for motorcycles
HB 307 Prescription exception when drug not available locally
HB 308 Allow donation of food as method of serving sentence of community service
HB 311 Name portion of Highway 2 in honor of Evan Schneider
HB 312 Increase population requirement for resort tax purposes
HB 315 Increase amount and slow phase out of retiree exclusion from income
HB 317 Guarantee special hunting license forfeited because of military deployment
HB 318 Regulate debt settlement companies
HB 322 Fair arbitrators act
HB 324 Optional firearm purchase by retiring law enforcement personnel
HB 326 Require signatures on construction lien releases
HB 328 Eliminating petition signature requirements for certain candidates
HB 331 Revise laws relating to licensed establishments for health purposes
HB 332 Address conflict between open meeting and student participation issues
HB 333 Fund geothermal research and development
HB 338 Carbon dioxide pipelines as common carriers
HB 343 Revise renewable energy portfolio standard
HB 354 Revise private investigator laws
HB 356 Revise law on use of portable scales
HB 357 Shorten delay period for when contractor pays % on late payment to subcontractor
HB 362 Limit liability for practice of disaster medicine
HB 363 Use retired teachers/administrators to fill vacancies without applicants
HB 365 Provide for PACE organization and waiver of HMO laws
HB 366 Authorize reciprocal fishing with adjoining states on contiguous river & stream
HB 367 Revise postadoptive services law
HB 368 Allow partial list of fees on grain placard -- warehouse Ops & commodity dealers
HB 371 Revise and clarify train crossing laws
HB 372 Revise exemptions from jury duty
HB 373 Gold star families special license plates
HB 374 Revise electrician licensing law
HB 378 Exempt carriers for freight forwarders from work comp
HB 380 Revise motor vehicle fees
HB 383 Revise fish & game laws re: free license for youth with life-threatening illness
HB 384 Revise volume cap bond procurement laws
HB 386 Right of disposition - funeral
HB 387 Generally revise motor vehicle laws
HB 397 Establish close relative registry
HB 400 Revise alcohol content of beer
HB 402 Revise laws relating to land banking
HB 403 Include continuity of care in determining best interest of child
HB 404 Uniform standards for certificates of survey and final subdivision plats
HB 407 Protect children from sexual exploitation and abuse
HB 409 Create cancer drug repository
HB 412 Revise liquor excise tax rates for smaller producers
HB 416 Exempt certain biodiesel from state tax
HB 418 Authorize investor owned livestock slaughter and processing plants
HB 420 Allow local government to adopt energy conservation building codes
HB 426 Clarify appointment of commissioners for regional airport authority
HB 432 Authorize school trustee election by acclamation
HB 443 Clarify FWP authority to manage species
HB 449 Revise state and local government finance laws
HB 451 Require disclosure and warranties by builder or developer of new residences
HB 459 Create and fund K-12 distance learning network
HB 464 Improve agricultural education
HB 466 Providing paid military leave for all public employees
HB 475 Revise fee structure for online delivery of administrative rules
HB 477 Uniform adult guardianship and protective proceedings jurisdiction act
HB 478 Eliminate licensing fees for small plant sellers
HB 480 Authorizing nonresident youth bird hunting at discounted price
HB 483 Revising laws governing board of environmental review related to energy projects
HB 486 Generally revise land use and planning laws
HB 487 Classify as business inventories certain farm implements and construction equip.
HB 488 Revise territory transfer laws relating to K-12 school districts
HB 495 Clarify rights of residents association in mobile home parks
HB 499 Revising laws related to the upland game bird program
HB 504 Revise laws on guardianship of incapacitated person
HB 509 Revise requirements for counting write-in votes
HB 513 Revise school district bonding capacity
HB 517 Critical incident debriefing
HB 529 Generally revise MEPA
HB 530 Clarify that practice of social work includes diagnosis
HB 531 Prohibit use of technology for issuing citations not witnessed by officer
HB 534 Require audio-video recording of custodial interrogations
HB 536 Revise interlock ignition device requirements
HB 542 Revise motorsports manufacturers unfair trade practices laws
HB 544 Require disability insurers to refund prepaid premiums without fees or penalties
HB 545 Revise membership of county compensation boards
HB 546 Prohibit covenants restricting certain political speech
HB 557 Generally revise laws related to regional water systems
HB 562 Allow change in application of protested school taxes to GTB
HB 563 Legalization of county roads
HB 567 Revise automobile dealer franchise laws
HB 572 Small Business Innovative Research
HB 574 Revise burglary law
HB 578 Health corps for in-home medical care
HB 583 Fund food and agriculture innovation centers
HB 585 Implement PL/PW recommendations: "Come Home to Hunt" pilot project
HB 588 Revise coal gross proceeds distribution
HB 591 Require an American Indian member on the Board of Parole and Pardons
HB 593 Revise environmental laws
HB 598 Revise independent contractor exemptions
HB 602 Restrict distance of commuting in certain state vehicles
HB 608 Liability for cleanup of damaged property
HB 615 Web-based system to verify liability insurance coverage for motor vehicles
HB 621 Authorize local government beer and wine license for certain facilities
HB 622 Clarify constituent fund account laws
HB 623 Revise laws governing disposal of county and city land
HB 626 Revise transfer from local police retirement plan to statewide system
HB 628 Careless and reckless driving resulting in death
HB 630 Revise laws relating to improvement district revolving funds
HB 634 Revise law on transportation of mentally ill
HB 635 Repeal Montana equity capital investment act
HB 636 Tax incentive to sell mobile home park to resident's group
HB 644 Funding for national folk festival
HB 645 Implement receipt of and appropriate federal stimulus and recovery funds
HB 653 Revise base taxable value of TIF for local disaster
HB 655 Revise agriculture laws
HB 656 Revise liquor store commissions
HB 657 Study taxation of oil and natural gas property
HB 658 Mitigate reappraisal
HB 659 Require examination, recommendations for public pension benefit and plan changes
HB 662 License massage therapists
HB 669 Establish wood product industry loan program
HB 670 Provide local government discretion in reducing tax value for certain property
HB 674 Generally revise laws relating to state land
HB 676 Statutory implementation of general appropriations act
HB 678 Revise opencut mining laws

Senate Bills

SB 2 Revise time for submission of legislative budget
SB 5 Land board approval for abandoned mine and reclamation program land transactions
SB 7 Code commissioner bill
SB 8 Authorize regional water entities
SB 9 Authorize funding of transportation systems with revenue bonds
SB 10 Correct federal funding of drug treatment court
SB 11 Clarify nontaxable amount of gross value of product -metal mines tax
SB 18 Revise fiscal note laws
SB 20 Purpose statement for MAPA
SB 21 Clarify distribution of certain motor vehicle revenue
SB 22 Create water policy committee
SB 23 Revise revenue streams to oil, gas, and coal natural resource account
SB 24 Repeal Montana Consensus Council statutes
SB 25 Repeal certain contingent provisions in coal and uranium mine reclamation laws
SB 26 Revise and extend prohibition on economic credentialing law
SB 29 Generally revise appropriation and budget statutes
SB 32 Allow chiropractor to certify disability for hunting purposes
SB 35 Committing jurisdiction forward physical and mental health information to prison
SB 38 Revise laws governing nurseries and plant dealers
SB 39 Extend duration of reserved water rights compact commission
SB 40 Clarify friend of respondent in involuntary commitment laws
SB 42 Provide substitution procedure for work comp judge
SB 43 Revise list of countries considered tax haven
SB 47 Revise title loan act on license issuing and violating federal laws
SB 48 Standardize statutes related to tax increment finance districts
SB 49 Energy efficiency standards for construction of state buildings
SB 53 Revise trial period for hearing aid purchased from traveling vendor
SB 54 Revise deferred deposit loan act on license issuing and violation of federal law
SB 55 Generally revise fertilizer laws
SB 57 Revise laws governing special districts
SB 58 Revise local government laws
SB 65 Revise trust land funding laws
SB 62 Fix discrepancy in environmental contingency account funding
SB 68 Roadkill composting
SB 71 Revise orphan share and environmental quality protection fund laws
SB 72 Revise Public Service Commission secretary provisions
SB 73 Revise laws on medium-speed electric vehicles
SB 74 Revise fire chief duties
SB 76 Revise enhanced recovery of oil and gas laws
SB 77 Volunteer EMT on board of medical examiners
SB 78 Clarify mill levy limit for soil conservation districts
SB 79 Reduced staffing for certain ambulance transports
SB 82 Clarify Medicaid third party liability
SB 84 Clarify prison industries and training programs
SB 86 Revise gambling laws
SB 88 Revise and clarify school speed zone law
SB 89 Eliminate sunset for new worker training program
SB 90 Clarify sponsor notification for administrative rules
SB 91 Revise waiver of attorney by youth
SB 95 Temporary nutrient criteria for discharge permits
SB 96 Revise mental illness evaluations in criminal justice system
SB 97 Revise petroleum tank release laws
SB 98 Authorize local taxing jurisdiction for wildland fuel reduction projects
SB 100 Increase coal board funding
SB 102 Revise public water supply laws
SB 103 Revise sentencing restrictions
SB 104 Revise estray notification and disposition requirements
SB 108 Revise child custody statutes regarding military service
SB 111 Clarifying DNRC initial wildland fire attack authority
SB 113 State land fuel reduction pilot program
SB 115 Simplify income calculations for certain property tax assistance programs
SB 116 Clarify aviation fuel tax distribution
SB 117 Revise or eliminate certain statutory appropriations
SB 119 Medicaid buy-in option for individuals with disabilities
SB 120 Revise the controlled groundwater area petition laws
SB 123 Revise MAPA regarding amendment of rationale
SB 124 Revise absentee ballot laws and changes caused by death of candidate
SB 125 Clarify composition of judicial nomination commission
SB 126 Implement lifetime rodeo bull transportation permit
SB 127 Revise insurance producer licensing laws
SB 130 Repeal livestock entry transportation permit requirement
SB 131 Require DNRC to designate wildland-urban interface
SB 133 Revise insurance laws
SB 135 Revise Insure Montana program
SB 136 Clarifying oil well unit spacing requirement laws
SB 140 Remove termination of domestic violence fatality review commission
SB 141 Repeal franchise insurance
SB 143 Revise condominium fire protection assessments
SB 148 Revise and clarify local government laws
SB 150 Revise unemployment insurance laws
SB 151 Revise viatical settlements law
SB 152 Revise motor vehicle registration and driver's license laws
SB 155 Require post-election audits of vote-counting machines
SB 156 Revise law to coordinate certain political candidate filing deadlines
SB 157 Audio-video hearings for certain mental health proceedings
SB 158 Revise number of judges in judicial districts
SB 160 Clarify statutory disciplinary procedures for highway patrol
SB 161 Carbon monoxide detectors in dwellings
SB 164 Revise FWP land management and acquisition re: Good Neighbor Policy
SB 170 Revise travel reimbursement for travel to foreign countries
SB 171 Criminal damage to rental property
SB 173 Clarify ability of school districts to share superintendents and principals
SB 174 Establish requirements for advanced pharmacist practitioner
SB 176 Exempt persons executing surety bonds from CLE requirements
SB 181 Require tax information agents to report certain real estate transactions
SB 182 Revise grandparent-grandchild contact law
SB 184 Adjust bear, mountain lion and bison hunting license deadlines
SB 185 Nonresident college student combination game license
SB 188 Revise fish and game laws re: regulation of special elk permits
SB 192 Small business work comp relief
SB 193 Survey monument preservation
SB 196 Designate American Indian Heritage Day
SB 197 Define court transcripts and provide for adjustments in transcript costs
SB 198 Tax biomass generation facilities up to 25 megawatts as class 14 property
SB 200 Restrict phosphorous cleaning products in certain areas
SB 201 Revise Crow Tribe water compact to allow change in use of escrow account
SB 202 Prohibit feeding of certain wildlife
SB 204 Montana centennial farm and ranch program
SB 208 Include nonprofit hospital employees in county health plan
SB 209 Uniform foreign country money judgments act
SB 214 Increase penalty for cattle theft
SB 215 Revise reference to county share of county attorney pay
SB 216 Revise laws on school district interlocal agreements and on calculating ANB
SB 219 Revise time for calculating adjusted campaign contribution limits
SB 222 Revise 4 lane construction on Highway 2
SB 226 License for volunteer dentists and hygienists in public clinics
SB 227 Electronic filing and additional campaign reports
SB 228 Prioritize protecting humans, livestock, and pets from predators
SB 231 Revise the impact fee enabling act to require service area report
SB 234 Insurance coverage for autism
SB 235 Clarify law on who may indicate performance of psychological testing
SB 247 Reporting requirements for nonferrous metals
SB 250 Strengthen protection against counterfeit marks or logos
SB 252 Name law enforcement academy classroom building after Karl Ohs
SB 255 Include additional forms of indebtedness in annexation of fire districts
SB 256 Revise access to youth court records for JDIP evaluations
SB 260 Revise tax on publicly traded partnerships
SB 261 Generally revise transportation safety laws
SB 262 Allow per unit assessment in water and sewer districts
SB 263 Revise public defender laws
SB 264 Revise Montana facility finance authority
SB 268 Revise law on securing of loads
SB 269 Revise the regulation of time shares
SB 271 Licensure and regulation for marriage and family therapists
SB 273 Revise school trustee laws
SB 275 Add additional pharmacist to board of pharmacy
SB 276 Require absentee voter confirmation forms to be mailed annually, only in January
SB 280 Revise tax exemption of rental personal property
SB 281 Revise driver license suspension law
SB 286 Revise milk control laws
SB 290 Revise duties of energy and telecommunications interim committee
SB 292 Revise coal severance tax
SB 294 Include roads as undertaking for municipal revenue bonds
SB 296 Revise newspaper publication requirement for municipalities
SB 297 Map state gravel resources
SB 300 Increase fertilizer fee check off to fund research and education
SB 303 Update state water plan
SB 305 Revise subdivision and platting act
SB 308 Revise calculation of standard prevailing wage rates
SB 310 Restricting use of waiver of right to protest SID, RSID
SB 311 Revise marriage licensure laws
SB 319 Revise transportation law
SB 322 Revise apiary laws
SB 323 Provide default lease extension period for residential leases
SB 325 Clarifying provisions of the Medical Marijuana Act
SB 330 Achieving accountability for state elder long-term care
SB 331 Revise laws on criminal use of official position
SB 340 Revise emancipation laws
SB 341 Revise costs of criminal proceedings
SB 343 Regulation of zebra mussel and other invasive species
SB 350 Revise laws on HIV testing
SB 351 Revise residential mortgage licensing law
SB 353 Remove license tax incentive for ethanol
SB 356 Licensure for manufactured housing dealers
SB 360 Revise major facility siting act
SB 361 Revise property tax lien laws relating to receipted costs and notice form
SB 367 Electronic absentee voting for military
SB 368 Good Samaritan law for retired doctors
SB 369 Revise county process and penalties for violations of noxious weed laws
SB 375 Prohibit real property insurance in amount greater than value of improvements
SB 376 Revise public utility laws
SB 388 Incumbent workforce training
SB 390 Allow local government assistance from state
SB 392 Revise subdivision laws
SB 395 Clarify beer franchise laws
SB 396 Alter criteria for permitting certain changes to points of diversion
SB 399 Report on placement of youth with mental health needs
SB 400 Revise laws related to justice courts
SB 401 Revise laws relating to treatment programs for certain medical licensees
SB 404 Revise laws relating to the location of shooting preserves
SB 405 Revise grandparent-grandchild contact law
SB 409 Revise motor vehicle laws
SB 418 Revise administrative provisions of individual income tax
SB 424 Control disposal of mercury thermostats
SB 425 Revise laws governing funding and operation of Fort Peck fish hatchery
SB 426 National bison range water compact
SB 427 Create the Montana contaminated property compensation and restoration act
SB 430 Revise administrative provisions relating to Dept. of Revenue
SB 432 Revise ostensible agency law
SB 438 Regulate sale of alcoholic energy drinks
SB 439 Extend specialty hospital moratorium
SB 441 Revise laws related to judgments and collections
SB 442 Create shaken baby syndrome education program
SB 444 Revise prudent management of funds law
SB 446 Revise specialty hospital law
SB 447 Clarify preservation of DNA in felony cases
SB 449 Establish oil and gas education account
SB 451 Repeal the Megalandfill Siting Laws
SB 457 Revise scenic byways laws
SB 462 Create lien on oil and gas proceeds for owners of interest
SB 463 Clarify respite care options for people with developmental disabilities
SB 464 Prohibiting covenants not to sue in remedial actions on listed sites
SB 465 Clarify ownership of streambeds concerning property taxation
SB 467 Revise notice provisions for tax deed process
SB 475 Require notice of oil or gas lease sale
SB 476 Increase monetary amount threshold for felony
SB 489 Revise taxation laws related to pipelines
SB 491 Revise status of subdivision property tax for health insurance premiums
SB 498 Establish laws governing carbon sequestration
SB 507 Use of river beds
SB 508 Revise motor vehicle laws
SB 509 Revise contract sales price of underground mined coal
SB 510 Abatement of half of coal gross proceeds tax for new underground mine
SB 511 Retail license to sell table wine for sacramental purposes


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