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HD 58

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Information Office: (406)444-4800
Montana House of Representatives
PO Box 200400
Helena, MT 59620-0400
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PO BOX 340
JOLIET, MT 59041-0340
Primary ph: (406) 690-9329


Legislative Service
House: 2015, 2017

Interim Committees Serving on are:
(J) Education and Local Government
(J) Legislative Council

Sponsored Bills (scheduled for hearing)
Associated Bills(sponsored/requested)
Committee Assignments
Committee Hearings (of assigned committees)

Sponsored Bills (scheduled for hearing)
DateTimeRoomBill NumberShort TitleCommitteeComments

 No sponsored bills are currently scheduled for hearing

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Associated Bills (sponsored/requested)
LC NumberBill Type - NumberAssociation with BillCurrent StatusStatus DateShort Title
LC0292HB 119Primary SponsorChapter Number Assigned03/22/2017Revise quality educator loan assistance program
LC0354HB 385Primary Sponsor(H) Missed Deadline for General Bill Transmittal03/01/2017Provide for the Montana school safety act
LC1177HB 494Primary Sponsor(S) Committee Report--Bill Concurred03/23/2017Generally revise criminal laws
LC2264 Not Assigned Requester(C) Draft On Hold12/29/2016Generally revise tax law
LC2265 Not Assigned Requester(C) Draft On Hold02/12/2017Generally revise education laws
LC2266HB 423Primary Sponsor(H) Tabled in Committee03/24/2017Create special needs education savings accounts
LC2267HB 191Primary SponsorChapter Number Assigned02/23/2017Provide inflationary increase for ANB funding

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Committee Assignments
(H) JudiciaryVice Chair
(H) RulesMember
(H) Legislative AdministrationMember
(H) EducationChair

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Committee Hearings (of assigned committees)
DateTimeRoomBill NumberShort TitleCommitteeComments
04/04/20178:00 AM137 SB 123Revise marriage license laws to allow nonresidents to get licenses in any county (H) Judiciary
04/04/20178:00 AM137 SB 192Generally revise civil procedure laws (H) Judiciary
04/04/20178:00 AM137 SB 249Generally revise criminal laws regarding testimony from accomplices/informants (H) Judiciary
04/04/20178:00 AM137 SB 258Provide a procedure for electronically issued search warrants (H) Judiciary
04/03/20178:00 AM137 SB 172Prohibit sale of fishing or hunting license if child support owed (H) Judiciary
04/03/20178:00 AM137 SB 174Revise laws related to landlord-tenant disputes (H) Judiciary
04/03/20178:00 AM137 SB 251Generally revise laws related to short term rental facilities (H) Judiciary
04/03/20178:00 AM137 SB 276Generally revise retaliation laws related to landlords and tenants (H) Judiciary
03/31/20178:00 AM137 SB 22Revise laws re termination of parental rights when child is result of rape (H) Judiciary
03/31/20178:00 AM137 SB 153Revise laws on strangulation of a partner or family member (H) Judiciary
03/31/20178:00 AM137 SB 197Require child sexual abuse prevention efforts (H) Judiciary
03/31/20178:00 AM137 SB 250Revise laws for prosecutorial immunity for Marsy's law (H) Judiciary
03/30/20178:00 AM137 SB 21Code commissioner bill (H) Judiciary
03/30/20178:00 AM137 SB 195Generally revise laws related to unincorporated nonprofit associations (H) Judiciary
03/30/20178:00 AM137 SB 200Revise laws related to disposition of certain property held by law enforcement (H) Judiciary
03/30/20178:00 AM137 SB 268Generally revise transparency in state employee settlement laws (H) Judiciary
03/30/20178:00 AM137 SB 300Require health warning for raw milk sales (H) Judiciary
03/29/20178:00 AM137 SB 117Revise laws relating to executing power of attorney for a minor (H) Judiciary
03/29/20178:00 AM137 SB 145Generally revise laws re when certain individuals may be transferred to DOC (H) Judiciary
03/29/20178:00 AM137 SB 179Revise offer of judgment laws (H) Judiciary
03/28/20178:00 AM137 HB 595Constitutional amendment to define person (H) Judiciary
03/28/20178:00 AM137 HB 632Revise post conviction relief laws (H) Judiciary
03/28/20178:00 AM137 HB 636Revise election laws for supreme court justices (H) Judiciary
03/28/20178:00 AM137 HB 654Generally revise sentencing and treatment laws for DUI and drug offenders (H) Judiciary
03/28/20174:30 PM472 SB 279Generally revise legislative bill drafting process laws (H) Legislative Administration
03/28/20174:30 PM472 SB 295Require federalism training for certain state employees (H) Legislative Administration
03/27/20178:00 AM137 HB 580Provide for primary seat belt law for minors (H) Judiciary
03/27/20178:00 AM137 HB 581Establish an uninsured motorist victims restitution fund (H) Judiciary
03/27/20178:00 AM137 HB 600Generally revise victims' rights laws (H) Judiciary
03/27/20178:00 AM137 HB 611Generally revise state laws related to immigration and refugees (H) Judiciary
03/24/20178:00 AM137 SB 26Revise laws regarding sexual intercourse without consent (H) Judiciary
03/24/20178:00 AM137 SB 29Revising laws regarding sexual crimes (H) Judiciary
03/24/20178:00 AM137 SB 30Revise laws related to criminal statute of limitations (H) Judiciary
03/24/20173:00 PM137 SB 226Generally revise summer school bus transportation laws (H) Education
03/24/20173:00 PM137 SB 227Revise state school transportation reimbursement laws (H) Education
03/24/20173:00 PM137 SB 242Encourage high schools to administer civics test (H) Education
03/23/20178:00 AM137 HB 609Generally revise privacy laws concerning protected facilities (H) Judiciary
03/23/20178:00 AM137 SB 305Specifying how election to fill U.S. representative vacancy will be conducted (H) Judiciary
03/23/20178:00 AM137 SJ 15Resolution opposing a proposed Montana Supreme Court rule (H) Judiciary
03/22/20178:00 AM137 HB 571Create offense of concealing a person's identity (H) Judiciary
03/22/20178:00 AM137 SB 99Prohibit enforcement of new federal gun laws by Montana public employees (H) Judiciary
03/22/20178:00 AM137 SB 293Revise interest payments in civil cases (H) Judiciary
03/22/20173:00 PM137 SB 124Extend school district bond term (H) Education
03/21/20178:00 AM137 SB 71Provide for an intervention hearing for parolees (H) Judiciary
03/20/20178:00 AM137 SB 310Revise laws related to criminal jurisdiction on the Flathead Indian Reservation (H) Judiciary

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