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Special Session Scenario

June 15, 1999

This is a planning scenario for the special session scheduled for June 15, 1999. It is based on assumptions that there will be a Feed Bill and two substantive bills considered and enacted in a session of not more than 2 days; the bills will have been preintroduced; and rules will be established allowing this scenario. This is not official and has no status other than for planning.

Pre-session preparations:

Monday, June 14: Joint Rules will meet at 10:00 a.m. in Room 487 of the Federal Building. House Rules will meet, if necessary, at 1 p.m. in Room B7 of the Federal Building; Senate Rules will meet, if necessary in Room 487 of the Federal Building.

Tuesday, June 15, 1999: the time preceding the opening of the session is reserved for party caucuses, if called. Currently, it is anticipated that the Senate Republicans and House Democrats will caucus.

Time Senate House Comment
9:00 Convene.

O'Connell Hall, Room 101

Gallery -- 102


O'Connell Hall, Room 107

Gallery -- 106

Pledge, invocation, roll call, place call in record, move special session rules, reports of standing committees, first reading and commitment, announcements,
9:20 Joint Session Joint Session Joint session for address by Governor, [looking into use of Carroll Commons]; recess for committee meetings
10:00 Recess for committee meetings Recess for committee meetings  
10:10 -- 3:00 Committee Meeting

Room 102

Committee Meetings

Room 106

Senate Natural Resources Committee hears Senate Bill 1 [Water Compact Ratification / Cole]. Appropriations hears HB 1 [Feed bill / Zook] and HB 2 [Crow Coal settlement / Stovall]. Bills reported out.
3:10 -- 6:30 Floor action-- 2nd and 3rd reading Floor action -- 2nd and 3rd reading Transmittal before break.
6:30 -- 8:00am Adjourn for day Adjourn for day  
8:00 Convene Convene First reading and commitment of bills transmitted from other house. Recess for committees.
8:15 -- 12:30 Committee hearings Committee hearings House Natural Resources and Finance and Claims as needed
12:30 Lunch Lunch  
1:30 -- 3:00 Floor Action Floor Action 2nd and 3rd Readings
3:15 Adjourn Adjourn Sine die Enrolled bills should be available for signing by end of day

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