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Special Session 2000 Bills


  • HB 1 (LC0004) Statutory appropriations for economic development programs contained in HB260
  • HB 2 (LC0008) Feed bill
  • HB 3 (LC0001) Ref. reducing prop. taxes by DSA increase and reimbursing local govt
  • HB 4 (LC0009) Reducing prop. taxes by increasing direct state aid and reimbursing local govt.
  • HB 5 (LC0017) Refund $70 million of general fund balance to income taxpayers
  • HB 6 (LC0013) Reduce taxes by requiring refunds above certain levels
  • HB 7 (LC0022) Submit repeal of state inheritance tax to electors
  • HB 8 (LC0023) Submit phased-in reduction of income taxes to electors
  • HB 9 (LC0026) Replace ss# with drivers license # request federal waiver
  • HB 10 (LC0033) Delay application of privacy act to property and casualty insurance
  • HJ 1 (LC0019) Revise general fund revenue estimates for 2001 biennium
  • HJ 2 (LC0030) Opposition to redesignation of Missouri River
  • HJ 3 (LC0034) Urge Congress to modify estate taxes
  • SB 1 (LC0003) Reduce income taxes and expand standard deduction -- referendum
  • SB 2 (LC0018) Reduce foreign capital depository tax rate and revise computation
  • SB 3 (LC0015) Reduce property taxes for elderly and low income taxpayers
  • SB 4 (LC0010) Clarify bonding authority for aerospace technology infrastructure
  • SB 5 (LC0002) Reduce and simplify state income taxes
  • SB 6 (LC0020) Invest coal tax trust funds in loans for new midsize businesses and enterprises
  • SB 7 (LC0024) Moratorium on new alternative livestock ranch license application until CWD test
  • SB 8 (LC0016) Reduce property taxes for certain residential land and improvements
  • SB 9 (LC0025) Economic feasibility and environmental soundness in reclamation of open pit mine
  • SB 10 (LC0028) Referendum eliminate ss# on fishing applications
  • SB 11 (LC0029) Extend 1 cent aviation fuel tax
  • SB 12 (LC0032) Constitutional trust fund for tobacco funds to fund medicaid programs
  • SB 13 (LC0031) Constitutional tobacco trust fund for health care programs
  • SR 1 (LC0007) Confirm Judge McCarter
  • SR 2 (LC0005) Confirm Judge Stadler
  • SR 3 (LC0006) Confirm Judge Jones


  • LC 11 Reduce homeowner taxes by homestead exemption, school aid and reimbursements
  • LC 12 General fund appropriations for specific HB 260 programs
  • LC 14 Exempt portion of class 8 property from taxation
  • LC 21 Decrease local school taxes by increasing state aid and increasing entitlements
  • LC 27 Replace ss# with drivers license # or other positive id

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