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Detailed Bill Information

Bill Draft Number: LC0020 Current Bill Text
Bill Type - Number: SB 6 Fiscal Note
Short Title: Invest coal tax trust funds in loans for new midsize businesses and enterprises
Primary Sponsor: Walter McNutt
Bill Actions - Current Bill Progress: Became Law
Bill Action Count: 37

Action - Most Recent First Date Votes Yes Votes No Committee
(S) Chapter Number Assigned 05/12/2000      
(S) Signed by Governor 05/11/2000      
(S) Transmitted to Governor 05/11/2000      
(H) Signed by Speaker 05/11/2000      
(S) Signed by President 05/11/2000      
(S) Returned from Enrolling 05/10/2000      
(S) Sent to Enrolling 05/10/2000      
(H) Returned to Senate 05/09/2000      
(H) 3rd Reading Concurred 05/09/2000 91 8  
(H) 2nd Reading Concurred 05/09/2000 91 8  
(H) Scheduled for 2nd Reading 05/09/2000      
(H) Committee Report--Bill Concurred 05/09/2000     (H) Appropriations
(H) Committee Executive Action--Bill Concurred 05/09/2000 17 0 (H) Appropriations
(H) Hearing 05/09/2000     (H) Appropriations
(H) Referred to Committee 05/08/2000     (H) Appropriations
(H) First Reading 05/08/2000      
(S) Transmitted to House 05/08/2000      
(S) 3rd Reading Passed 05/08/2000 49 0  
(S) 2nd Reading Passed 05/08/2000 49 0  
(S) Scheduled for 2nd Reading 05/08/2000      
(S) Fiscal Note Printed 05/08/2000      
(S) Committee Report--Bill Passed as Amended 05/08/2000     (S) Finance and Claims
(S) Committee Executive Action--Bill Passed as Amended 05/08/2000 18 0 (S) Finance and Claims
(S) Hearing 05/08/2000     (S) Finance and Claims
(S) First Reading 05/08/2000      
(S) Referred to Committee 05/04/2000     (S) Finance and Claims
(C) Introduced Bill Text Available Electronically 05/04/2000      
(S) Introduced 05/04/2000      
(C) Pre-Introduction Letter Sent 05/03/2000      
(C) Draft in Assembly/Executive Director Review 05/03/2000      
(C) Draft in Final Drafter Review 05/03/2000      
(C) Draft in Input/Proofing 05/03/2000      
(C) Bill Draft Text Available Electronically 05/03/2000      
(C) Draft in Legal Review 05/03/2000      
(C) Draft to Requester for Review 05/03/2000      
(C) Fiscal Note Needed 05/02/2000      
(C) Draft Request Received 05/02/2000    

Sponsor, etc.

Sponsor, etc. Last Name/Organization First Name Mi
Requester McNutt Walter  
Drafter Campbell Bart  
Primary Sponsor McNutt Walter


Description Revenue/Approp. Vote Majority Req. Subject Code
Financial Institutions (see also: Credit Transactions)   Simple FIN
State Finance (see also: Appropriations; Taxation Subjects)   Simple STF

Additional Bill Information

Probable Fiscal Note: Yes
Preintroduction Required: N
Session Law Ch. Number: 4
Category: General Bills
Transmittal Date: 05/13/2000
Return (with 2nd house amendments) Date: 05/13/2000

Section Effective Dates

Section(s) Effective Date Date Qualified
All Sections 11-MAY-00  

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