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Oppose Missouri River Designations Petition and Call


WHERE AS: the majority of Montanans' oppose the redesignation of the Missouri River,and

WHERE AS: the Missouri River is protected by the 1968 WILD AND SCENIC RIVERSACT, the Montana State Sub Division Law and the County Development Regulations, and

WHERE AS: expanding the existing designation will incorporate more private and stateland holdings under the federal management plans, and

WHERE AS: the Constitution of the United State of America, Article 4, Section 3 givesexclusive authority over public lands to Congress, and

WHERE AS: House Resolution 1487 requires the President of the United States ofAmerica to seek public input and to consult with elected officials of the affected state at least60 days before he takes any action, now

THEREFORE: We the Legislature of the State of Montana respectfully request theSecretary of the Interior, Mr. Bruce Babbitt, to set aside any new proposed designation andsupport the proven management practices that have maintained the pristine conditions of theMissouri River since first traversed by the Corp of Discovery in 1804.

Members of the Fifty-Sixth Legislature:

Sen. Dale Berry

Sen. William Crismore

Sen. Gerry Devlin

Sen. E.P. Ekegren

Sen. Alvin Ellis, Jr.

Sen. Lorents Grosfield

Sen. Reiny Jabs

Sen. Bob Keenan

Sen. John Lynch

Sen. Dale Mahlum

Sen. Walter McNutt

Sen. Kenneth Mesaros

Sen. Charles Swysgood

Sen. Mike Taylor

Sen. Jon Tester

Sen. Fred Thomas

Sen. Daryl Toews

Sen. Jack Wells

Rep. Darrel Adams

Rep. Chris Ahner

Rep. Joan Andersen

Rep. Shiell Anderson

Rep. Peggy Arnott Bergsagel

Rep. Joe Barnett

Rep. Ernest Bergsagel

Rep. Rod Bitney

Rep. Sylvia Bookout-Reinicke

Rep. Matt Brainard

Rep. Roy Brown

Rep. Robert Clark

Rep. Edith Clark

Rep. John Cobb

Rep. Aubyn Curtiss

Rep. Rick Dale

Rep. Bob Davies

Rep. Stanley Fisher

Rep. Larry Grinde

Rep. Dick Haines

Rep. Marian Hanson

Rep. Donald Hedges

Rep. Chase Hibbard

Rep. John Holden

Rep. Verdell Jackson

Rep. Rick Jore

Rep. Betty Lou Kasten

Rep. Sam Kitzenberg

Rep. Gay Ann Masolo

Rep. Matt McCann

Rep. Daniel McGee

Rep. Joe McKenney

Rep. John Mercer

Rep. Brad Molnar

Rep. Doug Mood

Rep. Karl Ohs

Rep. Scott Orr

Rep. Robert Pavlovich

Rep. Joe Quilici

Rep. William Rehbein, Jr.

Rep. John Rose

Rep. Jim Shockley

Rep. Bruce Simon

Rep. Paul Sliter

Rep. Frank Smith

Rep. Loren Soft

Rep. Roger Somerville

Rep. Jay Stovall

Rep. Bill Tash

Rep. Lila Taylor

Rep. Bill Thomas

Rep. Cliff Trexler

Rep. Steve Vick

Rep. Douglas Wagner

Rep. Allan Walters

Rep. John Witt

Rep. Cindy Younkin

Rep. Tom Zook

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