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Montana Legislature 2000 Session
Detailed Committee Information

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Committee Name: (S) Select Committee on Natural Resources
Normal Room: TBA
Normal Days: ON CALL
Normal Time: ON CALL

Scheduled Hearings

Date Time Room Bill Type - Number Short Title Primary Sponsor Comments
11-MAY-00 10:30 AM 225 HJ2 Opposition to redesignation of Missouri River John Witt  
09-MAY-00 7:00 am SH-A SB9 Revise requirements to provide standards for reclamation of open pits/rock faces Chuck Swysgood Scott Hart Auditorium - 7 AM

| Top | Scheduled Hearings | Committee Members |

Committee Members

Member Assignment
William Crismore Chair
Dale Mahlum Vice Chair
Vicki Cocchiarella Member
Mack Cole Member
Lorents Grosfield Member
Tom Keating Member
Bea McCarthy Member
Ken Miller Member
Glenn Roush Member
Mike Taylor Member
Bill Wilson Member
Dale Berry Member
Jack Wells Member

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