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Television Montana (TVMT)

Uniting People & Government through the Power of Television

Television Montana (TVMT) is a statewide television channel that provides gavel-to-gavel unedited coverage of legislative proceedings, both during and between sessions of the Legislature. Select activities of other agencies of state government are also covered on Television Montana (TVMT.)

Helena Civic Television (HCTV) is responsible for providing coverage of the upcoming 2017 Legislative Session. They provide the public-private partnership we know as TVMT to provide reliable, high quality telecasts. TVMT is a team effort with a noble purpose — to make state government proceedings transparent and accountable to the citizen taxpayers of Montana.

TVMT Channels

TVMT is provided by the efforts of Montana broadcasters, cable, and telecommunications providers to thousands of Montana homes in over 225 communities every day. TVMT is carried on Charter Communications, Montana PBS, 3 Rivers Communications, Mid-Rivers Communications, Nemont, MT Opticom, Skyview TV, Tobacco Valley Communications, Valley County Television District #1, Southern Montana Telephone and Viking Broadband.

TVMT is Channel 191 in all Charter Spectrum markets.

TVMT is carried on Montana PBS's Over the Air digital lineup on the .5 channel as "Montana Capitol Coverage." Check to see if you are in their broadcast area here.

For all other providers, please check your local listings.

TVMT Programming Highlights:

The following events will be telecast LIVE on cable Channel 191.* Each of these programs will be re-telecast the same day beginning at 6 p.m.**




Friday, December 2nd 3:00 PM Governor's Arts Awards

Tuesday, December 6th

8:00 AM

Legislative Finance Committee




Wednesday, December 7th

8:30 AM

Joint Senate and House Rules Committee Meeting

Wednesday, December 7th 10:30 AM (subject to change) House Rules Committee
Wednesday, December 7th 10:30 AM (subject to change) Senate Rules Committee**
Wednesday, December 7th 1:00 PM Office of Community Service Commission Meeting**
Wednesday, December 7th 1:30 PM Presiding Officer Training
Thursday, December 8th 8:00 AM Legislative Rules and Procedures Training
Thursday, December 8th 10:00 AM Budget Basics and Revenue Training
Thursday, December 8th 3:30 PM Legislative Consumer Committee
Friday, December 9th 8:00 AM Legislative Audit Committee
Monday, December 19th 9:00 AM DNRC Land Board
Monday, December 19th 1:30 PM 2016 Presidential Electoral College Elector Meeting

*The schedule is subject to change. Look for revisions on Channel 191.

**When multiple events occur at the same time, TVMT prioritizes its broadcasts. However, all programs not live broadcast are broadcast at a later, scheduled date and time.

TVMT is currently NOT carried by satellite television providers.

TVMT was established by the 2001 Legislature and is administered by the Legislative Services Division.

For more information about TVMT, contact K'Lynn Sloan Harris, Legislative Audio Video Coordinator, 406-444-3267.

To give programming feedback or make suggestions, please contact us at

Public comment guidelines for those testifying before a committee are listed here.


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