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Television Montana (TVMT)

Uniting People & Government through the Power of Television

Television Montana (TVMT) is a state government broadcasting service that provides gavel-to-gavel, unedited television coverage of legislative proceedings, both during and between sessions of the Legislature. Montanans currently can watch floor sessions and committee meetings live and delayed telecasts on the following cable TV stations.

TVMT Channels

Look for Channel 191 in all charter markets.

Check for Montana PBS for over-the-air channels in your area.

TVMT is currently NOT carried by satellite television providers.

TVMT was established by the 2001 Legislature and is administered by the Legislative Services Division. In addition to legislative proceedings, it also airs selected meetings and events sponsored by agencies of the Executive Branch, as well as occasional oral arguments before the Montana Supreme Court.

For more information about TVMT, contact K'Lynn Sloan Harris, Legislative Audio-Video Coordinator, 406-444-3267.

To give programming feedback or make suggestions, please contact us at

Public comment guidelines for those testifying before a committee are listed here.


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