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Television Montana (TVMT)

Uniting People & Government through the Power of Television

Television Montana (TVMT) is a statewide television channel that provides gavel-to-gavel unedited coverage of legislative proceedings, both during and between sessions of the Legislature. Select activities of other agencies of state government are also covered on Television Montana (TVMT.)

TVMT Channels

TVMT is provided by the efforts of Montana broadcasters, cable, and telecommunications providers to thousands of Montana homes in over 225 communities every day. TVMT is carried on Charter Communications, Montana PBS, 3 Rivers Communications, Mid-Rivers Communications, Nemont, MT Opticom, Skyview TV, Tobacco Valley Communications, Valley County Television District #1, Southern Montana Telephone and Viking Broadband.

TVMT is Channel 191 in all Charter Spectrum markets.

TVMT is carried on Montana PBS's Over the Air digital lineup on the .5 channel as "Montana Capitol Coverage." Check to see if you are in their broadcast area here.

For all other providers, please check your local listings.

Program Schedule:




Monday, October 24th

8:00 AM

Montana Board of Livestock August Meeting


6:00 PM

Children, Families, Health and Human Services Final Interim Meeting




Tuesday, October 25th

8:00 AM

Governor's Drought Board and Land Board Rebroadcasts


6:00 PM

Judicial Redistricting Commission Final Meeting


6:35 PM

Law and Justice Interim Committee Final Meeting

Wednesday, October 26th 8:00 AM Commissioner of Securities and Insurance Rate Hearings
  6:00 PM School Funding Interim Commission Final Meeting
Thursday, October 27th 8:00 AM Montana Board of Livestock September Meeting
  6:00 PM Economic Affairs Final Interim Meeting, Day 1
Friday, October 28th 9:00 AM Public Service Commission Decoupling Workshop (LIVE)
  6:00 PM Economic Affairs Final Interim Meeting, Day 2
  8:45 PM Public Service Commission Decoupling Workshop (rebroadcast)
Saturday, October 29th 9:00 AM Pacific NorthWest Region Summit: Agriculture - Regional Transportation Challenges Impacting Ag Markets; Cross-Border Harmonization; Social License Issues Impacting the Agriculture Sector
  1:00 PM Pacific NorthWest Region Summit: Tourism Issues in the Northwest
  6:00 PM State Tribal Relations Committee Final Interim Meeting
Sunday, October 30th 9:00 AM Public Service Commission Decoupling Workshop
    Legislative Consumer Council September Meeting
  6:00 PM Education and Local Government Final Interim Meeting

All scheduled programs are a rebroadcast of a previously recorded event, unless marked (LIVE.)

TVMT is currently NOT carried by satellite television providers.

TVMT was established by the 2001 Legislature and is administered by the Legislative Services Division.

For more information about TVMT, contact K'Lynn Sloan Harris, Legislative Audio Video Coordinator, 406-444-3267.

To give programming feedback or make suggestions, please contact us at

Public comment guidelines for those testifying before a committee are listed here.


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