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Energy & Telecommunications Interim Committee

The Energy and Telecommunications Interim Committee (ETIC) has broad oversight over a range of energy and telecommunication-related topics in Montana. The committee conducts interim studies as assigned by the Legislative Council and reviews the administrative rules proposed by the Department of Public Service Regulation (DPSR) and the Public Service Commission (PSC). Members also monitor the operation of the DPSR and PSC with specific attention to issues likely to require future legislative attention, opportunities to improve existing law through the analysis of problems, and the experiences of Montana's citizens with the operation of the agency that may be amenable to improvement through legislative action.


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Meeting Schedule

Final meeting of the 2007-08 Interim: September 4, 2008

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Assigned Studies

The ETIC was not assigned any studies by the Legislative Council for the 2007-08 Interim. ETIC members, however, forwarded their ideas for the committee to consider studying. Those suggested study topics are outlined in the draft work plan. At the October 4-5 meeting, the committee adopted a final work plan that outlines the following studies:

The ETIC also will dedicate time to the following topics:

In completing its statutory duties, the ETIC also will dedicate additional time to discussing and reviewing:



No subcommittees formed at this time.

How to Contact Us

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Todd Everts, Attorney
Dawn Field, Secretary
Legislative Services Division
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