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Find a Montana Legislator

Not sure who represents you in the Montana Legislature? Need to know how to contact your legislator? Here are some ways to find a Montana legislator:

By Name: Roster of current legislators and list of House and Senate leaders.

By Zip Code: Project Vote Smart, a nonprofit organization based in Montana, collects and shares data on elected officials nationwide. The group's Web site includes a feature at the top of the lefthand column that allows you to search for a legislator or other elected representative by zip code.

To find out who your state senators and representatives are, you will need to know your extended 9-digit zip code. If you don't know it, the U.S. Postal Service can help you with its "Zip Code Lookup" service.

By District: If you know which legislative district you live in, you can identify your legislators by using the latest Montana Legislative District map produced by the State of Montana Natural Resource Information System.

County Elections Office: Staff of your county election office can help you determine which legislative district you live in and who your representatives are. The Montana Secretary of State's Office includes contact information for county election offices on its website.

You can find tips on how to effectively contact a legislator elsewhere on this Web site.



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