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Legislative Fiscal Division Mental Health / Managed Care Subcommittee

The subcommittee is made up of the following members:

Senator Chuck Swysgood, Chairman Representative Lila Taylor, Vice Chair
Senator Eve Franklin Representative Loren Soft
Senator Bob Keenan Representative Beverly Barnhart
Senator Mignon Waterman Representative Matt McCann

Legislative Staff to the subcommittee:

Lois Steinbeck 444 -5391
Susan Fox 444-3064
Diane McDuffie 444 -2063

Click on a link below to find the detailed Information available.  The reports and Bill Drafts listed below are in a PDF format. You will need Acrobat Reader to open them. If you do not have Acrobat Read, simply click on the link at the bottom of the page and download a free copy.

All of the following links need to be checked when Reports is implemented.

Bill Draft: Resolution on training and education of law enforcement and other groups
Bill Draft: Revision of laws for mental health managed care ombudsman
Report: Expanding Financial Eligibility for Mental Health Services Plan and Cost Sharing Options
Report: Issues and Options for Consideration by the HJR 35 Study Subcommittee
Report: Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) request for a supplemental appropriation
Bill Draft: Revision of laws relating to mental health managed care (SB 534, L. 1999)
Bill Draft: Community Commitment and Revocation
Report: Overview regarding Training for Law Enforcement Officers on Mental Health Issues
Report: Various Committees' Roles and Responsibilities Regarding Study of the Public Mental Health System
Report: A Thumbnail Sketch of State Funding for Public Mental Health Services and Eligibility for and Access to Services
Report: Funding Flexibility for Mental Health Services

Agenda: 09/27 & 09/28/2000 Meeting
Agenda: 07/25/2000 Minutes: 07/25/2000
Agenda: 06/07/2000  Minutes: 06/07/2000
Agenda: 03/08/2000 Minutes: 03/08/2000
Agenda: 01/20/2000 Minutes: 01/20/2000
Agenda: 10/06/1999 Minutes: 10/06/1999
Agenda: 08/19/1999 Minutes: 08/19/1999

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