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The Legislative Fiscal Division provides staff resources for the subcommittees established by the Legislative Finance Committee.  
During the 2003 Interim we are staffing the HJR1 Interim Study of Public Mental Health Services and the SB 162 Review Dedication of State Revenues for Local Government.  To view subcommittee information from the 2001 Interim click here. See the list below for the 2003 Session staffing for the Joint Appropriations Subcommittees.
2003 Session Committee Staff Assignments
Joint Appropriations Subcommittees:
General Government & Transportation - Greg DeWitt & Lynn Zanto
Health & Human Services - Lois Steinbeck & Pat Gervais
Natural Resources & Commerce - Gary Hamel & Todd Younkin
Corrections & Public Safety - Lorene Thorson & Todd Younkin
Education - Pam Joehler, Jim Standaert, & Lynn Zanto
Long Range Planning - Cathy Duncan
Other Committees:
House - Appropriations - Jon Moe
Senate - Finance - Taryn Purdy
HJR1 Interim Study of Public Mental Health Services
Subcommittee Members:
Sen. Bob Keenan (Chairman) Rep. William Price
Sen. Eve Franklin Rep. Joey Jane
Sen. Gerald Pease  Rep. Edith Clark
Sen. John Cobb Sen. Emily Stonington
LFD Staff: Lois Steinbeck,  Pat Gervais
HJR1 - Agendas and Minutes
Agenda for 09/17/02 & 09/18/02
Agenda for 05/14/2002 Minutes from 02/07/2002

Agenda for 02/07/2002

Minutes from 11/28/2001
Agenda for 11/28/2001 Minutes from 9/17 & 9/18/2001
HJR1 - Reports
Bill Draft: "Multi-agency children's initiative legislation"
Bill Draft: "An Act generally revising the civil mental health commitment laws"
Bill Draft: "Guardian Mental Health Consent"
Bill Draft: "Transfer of guilty but mentally in offender to Dept. of Corrections"
Mental Health Related Legislation
(LC4001) - Amending the community commitment statutes
(LC4002) - Definition of "mental disease or defect."
Summary of Issues and Options
Mentally Ill Offenders in the Corrections System
House Bill 2 Language and Senate Bill 454 Workgroup
State Funded Public Mental Health Services 
Draft HJR 1 Study Plan
To view the HJR1 bill  click here.  
SB 162 Review Dedication of State Revenues for Local Government
Subcommittee Members:
Sen. Tom Zook (Chairman) Rep. Gary Forrester
Sen. Linda Nelson Rep. Dave Kasten
LFD Staff: Jon Moe
Click Here To See Final Provisions Reviewed
Agenda for June 12th, 2002 meeting.
Minutes for March 14, 2002
Minutes for December 6, 2001
Minutes for October 4, 2001
Final Report for Revenue Dedicated to Local Government
To view Senate Bill 162  click here.  
There were five subcommittees assigned during the 2001 Interim. The details of the subcommittees can be found by clicking on the links below.
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