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Fiscal Division Staff Reports 1999-2000 Interim

Reports for: Finance Committee Meeting of  Nov. 16, 2000
11/03/00 LCF Bill for De-earmarking State Special Revenue ad Creating/Removing Statutory Appropriations  Lorene Thorson
11/01/00 Final Recommendations: Mental Health Services Subcommittee/Approval of Bill Drafts Lois Steinbeck
11/03/00 Mental Health Oversight Advisory Council Recommendations Lois Steinbeck
10/30/00 Analysis of DEQ's Draft Legislation on Metal Mines Roger Lloyd
11/03/00 Global Fiscal Issues: LFC Recommendations to the 2001 Legislature Clayton Schenck
11/08/00 Budget Amendments Summary Report Taryn Purdy
11/14/00 Department of Labor and Industry - Personal Services Transfers Todd Younkin
11/09/00 Highways Special Revenue Account Solvency: Additional Information Greg Dewitt

Reports for: Finance Committee Meeting of  Oct. 2 & 3, 2000
09/22/00 General Fund Budget Projections (Big Picture) Report  Clayton Schenck
& Staff
09/22/00 Fire Suppression Costs Gary Hamel
09/22/00 Metal Mines Reclamation Gary Hamel
09/19/00 Highways Special Revenue Account: Working Capital Update Greg DeWitt
09/18/00 Legislative Fiscal Training - Curriculum Plan Taryn Purdy
David Brown
09/20/00 Final Report: Subcommittee on SB 378 Lorene Thorson
09/15/00 Foster Care and Subsidized Adoption Pat Gervais
09/15/00 Final Report: Information Technology Management Study Greg DeWitt
09/18/00 SABHRS Update Greg DeWitt
09/20/00 Update: Department of Corrections PRO-files System Lorene Thorson
09/21/00 Budget Amendments Report Taryn Purdy
09/21/00 Required Reports Jon Moe

Reports for: Finance Committee Meeting of  June 8 & 9, 2000
05/26/00 Fiscal Report - May 2000 Special Session  Clayton Schenck
& Staff
06/06/00 Foster Care Issues Pat Gervais
Taryn Purdy
Lois Steinbeck
06/07/00 IT Governance in Montana Pam Joehler
Greg DeWitt
06/06/00 HB 540 - Impact on Local Government and School Districts Jim Standaert
05/26/00 Flexible Spending on TANF and MOE Funds Pat Gervais
05/24/00 Department of Corrections: Fiscal 2000 Budget Issues Lorene Thorson
05/24/00 "Cat and Dog" Appropriation Bills - Authority for Fund Transfers Jon Moe
05/22/00 Long - Range Building Subcommittee: Staffing Issues Taryn Purdy
05/24/00 Requests for Transfer of Appropriation Authority from Fiscal 2001 to Fiscal 2000 Taryn Purdy
05/26/00 Operating Plan Changes and Program Transfers Taryn Purdy
& Staff
05/25/00 Section 7 HB 2 Changes Taryn Purdy
05/18/00 Postsecondary Education Policy & Budget Committee Sandy Whitney
05/22/00 Budget Amendments Summary Report Taryn Purdy

Reports for: Finance Committee Meeting of  March 9, 2000
3/3/00 The SABHRS (MT PRRIME) Project - System Implementation Issues: Update  Greg DeWitt
2/16/00 Implementation of HB 64: 15 Percent Base Reductions / Instructions to Agencies Jon Moe
2/29/00 Metal Mines Performance Bonds and State Liability Roger Lloyd
3/8/00 General Fund Briefing Summary Terry Johnson
3/8/00 DPHHS: Budget Status Reports / Potential for Supplemental Request Lois Steinbeck
Pat Gervais
2/22/00 Prison Population Estimates: Update Lorene Thorson
3/8/00 SB 19 Operating Plan Changes Taryn Purdy
Pat Gervais
2/17/00 Postsecondary Education Policy & Budget Subcommittee Sandy Whitney
2/24/00 Budget Amendment Summary Report Roger Lloyd

Reports for: Legislative Finance Committee Meeting of October  7 &  8,  1999
10/7/99 Budget Amendments Summary Report Roger Lloyd
& Staff
10/7/99 Fish and Wildlife Study Workplan Roger Lloyd
9/23/99 TANF: Final Rule Lorene Thorson
9/22/99 General Fund Status: Fiscal 1999 Terry W. Johnson
9/20/99 Highways State Special Revenue Account: Working Capital Update Greg DeWitt
9/20/99 Prison Population Estimates: Update Skip Culver

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