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Finance Committee Reports 2009-2010 Interim

Reports for: Finance Committee Meeting of November 16, 2010
11/16/2010 Medicaid Long Term Care Expenditures Study Rose Hughes
11/16/2010 Montana's Community Health Care Centers Laurie Francis
11/16/2010 Montana's Medicaid Costs Rose Hughes
11/16/2010 Public Testimony on Managed Care Various
11/04/2010 Montana State Fund 2011 Budget Analysis Kris Wilkinson, LFD
11/04/2010 Montana State Fund FY 2011 Annual Budget Montana State Fund Strategic Plan Montana State Fund
11/04/2010 Required Reports Jon Moe, LFD
11/04/2010 CIO Report IT Portfolio ITSD
11/15/2010 Budget Amendments Greg DeWitt, LFD
11/04/2010 Global Issues Jon Moe, LFD
11/05/2010 Description of Medicaid Managed and Programs Implemented by DPHHS Lois Steinbeck, LFD
11/12/2010 LC0182 - Eliminate jail time for certain offenses Jaret Coles, LSD
11/15/2010 LC0181 - Impose jail time costs for certain local misdemeanors on local government Jaret Coles, LSD
11/15/2010 Montana Statutes Regarding Managed Care and Medicaid Waivers Jaret Colse, LSD
11/15/2010 Operating Plan Changes Taryn Purdy, LFD
11/16/2010 Revenue Assumptions Terry Johnson, LFD

Reports for: Finance Committee Meeting of October 7 & 8, 2010
10/01/2010 Risk Assement of the Budget Amy Carlson

Pension Update

Jon Moe
10/01/2010 Fire Season Update Barbara Smith
10/01/2010 Bill Draft Requests Related to Office of Public Defender Patricia Gervais
09/27/2010 ARRA Update ARRA Crosswalk Barbara Smith
09/27/2010 Performance Measurement Update Barbara Smith
09/27/2010 CIO Report IT Portfolio ITSD
09/27/2010 Budget Amendments Greg DeWitt
09/30/2010 LFD Process and System Documentation and Analysis Dale Matheson
10/04/2010 2010 Governor's Office Assessment of State-Owned Aircraft Joe Brand,
10/01/2010 Required Reports Jon Moe
09/27/2010 LFD Proposed Budget 2013 Biennium Operating Budget Amy Carlson
10/05/2010 Operating Plan Changes and Program Transfers Taryn Purdy

Reports for: Finance Committee Meeting of June 14 & 15, 2010
06/15/2010 Land Board Letter Legislative Finance Committee

Reference Book - Status Update as of 06/08/10
State Wide Options as of 06/08/10
General Government as of 06/08/10
Public Health & Human Services as of 06/08/10
Natural Resources & Transportation as of 06/08/10
Judicial Branch, Law Enforcement & Justice as of 06/08/10
Education as of 06/08/10

LFD Staff
06/08/2010 Budget Process Starting Point Amy Carlson
06/08/2010 Actions By Other States To Close Budget Gaps Jon Moe
06/14/2010 General Fund Balance Update Slides Terry Johnson
06/08/2010 LFC Rule Amendment Jaret Coles
06/10/2010 MITA Issues Committee Discussion Paper Greg DeWitt
06/08/2010 Montana Correctional System: Stressors and Challenges Patricia Gervais
06/02/2010 Public Defender System Update Patricia Gervais
06/07/2010 Clarification of Court Data for Certain Offenses Lois Menzies
06/02/2010 Goals and Performance Measurement as Part of the Appropriations Process Barb Smith/Kris Wilkinson
06/02/2010 State Parks Update Property Analysis State Park Lands Barb Smith
06/08/2010 American Recovery & Reinvestment Act Barb Smith
06/02/2010 Federal Health Care Reform Lois Steinbeck
06/01/2010 CIO Report IT Portfolio ITSD
06/01/2010 Budget Amendments Greg DeWitt
06/02/2010 Required Reports Jon Moe
06/02/2010 Long Range Project Status Cathy Duncan
06/01/2010 Update on PPL Compensatory Damages Legal Opinion Barb Smith/Jaret Coles/
Exhibits A & B
06/02/2010 SJ 9 - Student Loan Study Amy Carlson
06/01/2010 Update on Pension Unfunded Liability and SAVA Activities Jon Moe
06/11/2010 Operating Plan Changes and Program Transfers Taryn Purdy

Reports for: Finance Committee Meeting of March 4 & 5, 2010
03/05/2010 LFC Response to Governor on Proposed Spending Reductions LFC Committee
03/01/2010 LFD Analysis Spending Reductions Proposal - Overview LFD Analysis Spending Reductions Proposal - General Fund Revenue Estimates LFD Staff
02/24/2010 Preliminary Budget Outlook for the 2013 Biennium LFD Staff
02/22/2010 LFC Brainstorming Session Taryn Purdy
02/22/2010 LFC Committee Rules Jaret Coles
02/22/2010 CIO Report IT Portfolio ITSD
02/22/2010 2010 Information Technology Strategic Plan Greg DeWitt
03/04/2010 Budget Amendments Greg DeWitt
02/22/2010 Required Reports Jon Moe
02/24/2010 Public Defender System Office of Pulic Defender Supplemental Appropriation Patricia Gervais
02/24/2010 Operating Plan Changes Taryn Purdy

Reports for: Finance Committee Meeting of December 3 & 4, 2009
12/02/2009 General Fund Status Report General Fund Presentation Slides Terry W. Johnson
11/16/2009 Update 2009 Wildfire Season/Costs Barbara Smith
11/17/2009 Office of Public Defender Funding Shortage Patricia Gervais
11/19/2009 Retirement Systems Unfunded Liability - Update Jon Moe
11/03/2009 Montana State Fund: Old Fund Analysis FY 2010 Kris Wilkinson
11/19/2009 Montana State Fund 2010 Budget Analysis Montana State Fund FY 2010 Annual Budget Request Target Policy Holder Equity Kris Wilkinson/Mark Barry
11/09/2009 Cabin Site Leasing on School Trust Lands Barbara Smith
11/19/2009 State Parks Funding Shortfall Barbara Smith
11/20/2009 Budget Amendments Greg DeWitt
11/20/2009 Required Reports Jon Moe
11/20/2009 Proceeding with MITA Review CIO Report IT Portfolio MITA Review Greg DeWitt/ITSD/CIO
11/19/2009 Federal Health Reform - HR 3962 Lois Steinbeck
12/02/2009 Legislative Fiscal Division 2011 Biennium Work Plan Clayton Schenck, LFA
12/02/2009 Operating Plan Changes Taryn Purdy
12/03/2009 Implementation of HB 130 Lois Steinbeck
12/03/2009 DPHHS 2013 Biennium Work Plan DPHHS

Reports for: Finance Committee Meeting of September 24 & 25, 2009
09/24/2009 General Fund Status: Fiscal 2009 Actual/2011 Biennium Projected General Fund Status Presentation Slides Terry W. Johnson
09/24/2009 Terry Johnson
09/24/2009 CIO Report to the LFC IT Portfolio ITSD\CIO
MITA Review
09/10/2009 Long-range Building and Information Technology Projects Status Cathy Duncan
09/11/2009 Update: 2009 Wildfire Season/Costs Fire Expenditure Summary Barbara Smith/DNRC
09/11/2009 DPHHS 2013 Biennium Budget Reduction DPHHS Budget Reduction Summary DPHHS/Lois Steinbeck, Kris Wilkinson, Marilyn Daumiller
09/11/2009 Department of Corrections memo Pat Gervais
09/11/2009 Budget Amendment Report Greg DeWitt
09/14/2009 Montana Historical Society FTE Program Transfers Kris Wilkinson
09/21/2009 Operating Plan Changes Operating Plan Changes Addendum Taryn Purdy
09/11/2009 Required Reports Jon Moe
09/14/2009 SJ 9 Student Loan Study Pam Joehler
09/14/2009 Memo to LFC Performance Measurement Subcommittee Kris Wilkinson
09/23/2009 State Employee Health Plan Issues Update Lois Steinbeck
09/23/2009 Property Tax Reappraisal Terry W. Johnson
09/23/2009 LFD 2011 Biennium Work Plan Clayton schenck

Reports for: Finance Committee Meeting of June 15, 2009
06/02/2009 LFC As Oversight Over IT Management Greg DeWitt
06/15/2009 CIO Report to the LFC IT Portfolio ITSD\CIO
06/08/2009 Determining Legislative Oversight of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Funds (ARRA) Barbara Smith
06/08/2009 ARRA Menu Barbara Smith
06/08/2009 ARRA Work Plan Barbara Smith
06/08/2009 HB 645 Summary - General Fund -- As Approved Barbara Smith
06/02/2009 Operating Plan Changes - Time Sensitive Taryn Purdy
06/02/2009 Operating Plan Changes and Program Transfers Taryn Purdy
06/15/2009 Implementation of Healthy Montana Kids DPHHS
06/15/2009 Medicaid Management Information System Replacement Project DPHHS
06/11/09 Budget Amendment Report Greg DeWitt
06/18/2009 Required Reports Jon Moe

Reports for: Finance Committee Meeting of April 2, 2009
03/31/2009 Status of Committee Bills Clayton Schenck, LFA
03/23/2009 Interim Workload Analysis Clayton Schenck. LFA
04/02/2009 Budget Considerations for Inclusion in HB 2 Clayton Schenck, LFA
04/01/2009 Staff Resource Needs Preliminary Assessment Clayton Schenck, LFA
04/01/2009 Operating Plan Changes and Program Transfers Taryn Purdy

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