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2017 Session Information

Historical Expenditures by fund type

HB 2 Narrative (Second tab)

General fund Status Sheet

Revenue Estimates

General Fund Revenue Updates: General Fund Revenue Forecasts:
General Fund Revenue Update #1 01/06/17 General Fund Forecast Update #1 01/17/17
General Fund Revenue Update #2 02/03/17 General Fund Forecast Update #2 02/21/17
General Fund Revenue Update #3 03/07/17 General Fund Forecast Update #3 03/20/17
General Fund Revenue Update #4 04/21/17  
General Fund Revenue Update #5 05/08/17  
General Fund Revenue Update #6 06/06/2017  

Joint Subcommittees

Joint Appropriations Subcommittee Schedules Starting Point Motions
Sec A - General Government Section A
Sec B - Department of Health and Human Services

Section B
1/31/2017, HB 2 Only

Sec C - Natural Resources and Transportation Section C
Sec D - Public Safety, Judicial Branch, Corrections, & Public Defender Section D
Sec E - Education and Cultural Agencies

Section E

Sec F - Long Range Planning Historical Infrastructure Expenditures

2019 Biennium Budget Analysis

Training for Legislators

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