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Staff assignments for the Legislative Fiscal DivisionLegislative Fiscal Division - Staff

The Legislative Fiscal Division staff assignments are listed below. Each staff member's phone number and e-mail are found below. If you require additional information, please contact the Fiscal Division's main line at (406) 444-2986 or fax us at (406) 444-3036.

Amy Carlson

Amy Carlson
Legislative Fiscal Analyst & Director
(406) 444-2988

Quinn Holzer

Quinn Holzer, Operations Manager
Manages staff for Department of Health and Human Services, Natural Resources, and Judicial Branch, Public Safety, and Corrections

Room 115
(406) 444-5385

Joe Triem

Joe Triem, Fiscal Manager
Manages staff for General Government, Education and Cultural, Department of Transportation, and Long Range

Room 113
(406) 444-5834

Shauna Albrecht

Shauna Albrecht, Fiscal Analyst I
Commissioner of Higher Education, State Library, Historical Society, and Arts Council

Room 110 Q
(406) 444-1783


Jon Arnold, Fiscal Analyst I
Department of Public Health & Human Services

Room 110 P
(406) 444-5389

Katie Church

Katie Church, Data Analyst I
Statewide data analytics, database design, and interactive data products

Room 110 F
(406) 444-5347

Scot Conrady

Scot Conrady, Fiscal Analyst II
Dept. of Corrections, Office of Public Defender, Board of Crime Control, Justice, Judicial Branch, and Public Service Commission

Rm. 110 H
(406) 444-4421

Catherine Duncan

Catherine Duncan, Senior Fiscal Analyst
Long Range Planning and Department of Transportation

Room 117
(406) 444-4580


Karen Gilbert, Web Communications & Technical Specialist
Webpage management, publication development and design, communications, Legislative Finance Committee secretary

Room 110
(406) 444-2063

Katie Guenther

Katie Guenther, Fiscal Analyst II
General Government Agencies: Leg Branch, Consumer Counsel, Governor's Office, Secretary of State, Comm of Political Practices, State Auditor, Dept of Commerce, Dept of Labor and Industry, and Military Affairs

Room 132
(406) 444-4111


Walker Hopkins, Data Analyst I

Room 110 O
(406) 444-4468

Alice Hecht

Alice Hecht, Fiscal Analyst II
Department of Public Health & Human Services, Board of Public Ed, and School for the Deaf and Blind
Revenue & Tax Analysis: Insurance Tax and Consumption taxes

Room 110 N
(406) 444-1825

Susie Lindsay

Susie Lindsay, Communications Supervisor
Communications, General Fund Status Sheet, and Statewide Analysis, Manages staff for communications and data analytics

Room 119
(406) 444-4121

Rob Miller

Rob Miller, Fiscal Analyst II
Dept. of Environmental Quality, Dept. of Agriculture, Dept. of Livestock, Fish, Wildlife & Parks, and Dept. of Natural Resources & Conservation

Room 118
(406) 444-1795

Stephanie Morrison

Stephanie Morrison, Lead Fiscal Analyst
Revenue & Tax Analysis: Individual Income Tax Revenue and Lead Revenue Analyst
Expenditure analysis: Department of Revenue

Room 120
(406) 444-4408


Julia Platt, Fiscal Analyst I

Room 110 I
(406) 444-4322

Josh Poulette

Josh Poulette, Fiscal Analyst II
Department of Public Health & Human Services - Medicaid

Room 110 G
(406) 444-1542

Sam Schaefer

Sam Schaefer, Fiscal Analyst II
Revenue & Tax Analysis: Corporation tax, Energy tax revenue, Interest earnings, Motor vehicle taxes, and Natural resource taxes

Room 131
(406) 444-1787

Nick Brown

Nick VanBrown, Lead Fiscal Analyst
Office of Public Instruction, Property Tax Revenue, Lead Analyst for Internet Budget and Reporting System (IBARS)

Room. 130
(406) 444-4461

Kris Wilkinson

Kris Wilkinson, Lead Fiscal Analyst
Lead Expenditure Analyst, Dept of Administration, Statewide Analysis, Biennial Comparisons

Room 114
(406) 444-2722

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