Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 1. Motor Vehicle Fleets (Repealed)
Part 2. Mobile Homes
Part 3. Migratory Personal Property
Part 4. Business Inventories (Repealed)
Part 5. Banks (Repealed)
Part 6. Insurance Companies (Repealed)
Part 7. Production Credit Associations
Part 8. Building and Loan Associations
Part 9. Livestock
Part 10. Custom Combines (Renumbered)
Part 11. Leasehold and Other Interests in U.S. Property
Part 12. State and Other Exempt Property
Part 13. Montana Economic Land Development Act (Repealed)
Part 14. New or Expanding Industry -- Ammunition Components
Part 15. Remodeling of Buildings or Structures
Part 16. Historic Properties
Part 17. Commercial and Other Property
Part 18. Business Incubators
Part 19. Industrial Parks
Part 20. Local Economic Development Organizations
Part 21. Abatement of Commercial or Industrial Property Taxes (Repealed)
Part 22 reserved .
Part 23. Clean Coal Technology Projects (Repealed)
Part 24. Value-Added Manufacturing (Repealed)
Part 25. Trucks and Truck Tractors (Repealed)
Part 26 through 29 reserved .
Part 30. Electrical Generation and Delivery Facilities
Part 31. Property Related to Renewable Energy, New Energy Technology, and Clean Coal
Part 32. Gray Water Systems