Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 4. Voluntary Relinquishment and Consent to Adopt

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42-2-401. Child available for adoption -- voluntary acts of parents.
42-2-402. Voluntary relinquishment -- validity.
42-2-403. Arrearages of child support -- responsibility to child.
42-2-404. Who may relinquish -- to whom.
42-2-405. Relinquishment by minor parent -- separate legal counsel in direct parental placement adoption.
42-2-406. and reserved.
42-2-408. Time and prerequisites for execution of relinquishment and consent to adoption -- copy of preplacement evaluation -- notarization.
42-2-409. Counseling requirements.
42-2-410. Revocation of relinquishment and consent.
42-2-411. Conditional relinquishment and consent.
42-2-412. Content of relinquishment and consent to adopt.
42-2-413. Consequences of relinquishment and consent to adopt.
42-2-414. through reserved.
42-2-417. Grounds for court to set aside relinquishment and consent.
42-2-418. Remedy when relinquishment and consent to adopt revoked or set aside -- expediency.
42-2-419. and reserved.
42-2-421. Notarized denial of paternity -- no entitlement to notice.
42-2-422. Notarized acknowledgment of paternity and denial of interest in custody -- no entitlement to notice.