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     23-2-615. Nonresident temporary-use snowmobile permits -- use of fees. (1) The requirements for a nonresident temporary-use snowmobile permit are as follows:
     (a) Application for the issuance of the permit must be made at locations and upon forms prescribed by the department. The forms must include but are not limited to:
     (i) the applicant's name and permanent address; and
     (ii) an affidavit declaring the nonresidency of the applicant.
     (b) Upon submission of the application and a fee of $25, of which 50 cents is a search and rescue surcharge, a nonresident temporary-use snowmobile sticker must be issued. The sticker must be permanently affixed in a conspicuous manner on the snowmobile.
     (2) The temporary-use snowmobile permit is valid during the fiscal year in which it is issued.
     (3) The temporary-use snowmobile permit is not proof of ownership, and a certificate of title may not be issued.
     (4) (a) A nonresident temporary-use snowmobile permit is not required for a snowmobile that qualifies as a racing snowmobile under 23-2-622.
     (b) A nonresident temporary-use snowmobile permit is not required for a snowmobile that will be used only on trails that are managed jointly by agreement between Montana and another state.
     (5) Except as provided in subsection (1)(b), money collected by payment of fees under this section must be deposited in the state special revenue fund to the credit of the department and used as follows:
     (a) $11 must be expended in areas that are impacted by nonresident snowmobile use to assist in offsetting snowmobile trail grooming costs;
     (b) $2.50 must be used by the department for the enforcement of snowmobile laws pursuant to 23-2-641;
     (c) $1 must be remitted to the license agent who sold the nonresident temporary-use snowmobile permit; and
     (d) $10 must be used by the department for the statewide snowmobile trail grooming program.
     (6) The failure to display the permit as required by this section or the making of false statements in obtaining the permit is a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of not less than $25 or more than $100.

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