Montana Code Annotated 1995

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     50-51-102. Definitions. Unless the context requires otherwise, in this chapter, the following definitions apply:
     (1) "Department" means the department of public health and human services provided for in 2-15-2201.
     (2) "Establishment" means a hotel, motel, roominghouse, boardinghouse, or tourist home.
     (3) "Hotel" or "motel" includes a building or structure kept, used, maintained as, advertised as, or held out to the public to be a hotel, motel, inn, motor court, tourist court, public lodginghouse, or place where sleeping accommodations are furnished for a fee to transient guests, with or without meals.
     (4) "Person" includes an individual, partnership, corporation, association, county, municipality, cooperative group, or other entity engaged in the business of operating, owning, or offering the services of a hotel, motel, boardinghouse, tourist home, or roominghouse.
     (5) "Roominghouse" or "boardinghouse" means buildings in which separate sleeping rooms are rented that provide sleeping accommodations for three or more persons on a weekly, semimonthly, monthly, or permanent basis, whether or not meals or central kitchens are provided but without separated cooking facilities or kitchens within each room, and whose occupants do not need professional nursing or personal-care services provided by the facility.
     (6) "Tourist home" means an establishment or premises where sleeping accommodations are furnished to transient guests for hire or rent on a daily or weekly rental basis in a private home when the accommodations are offered for hire or rent for the use of the traveling public.
     (7) "Transient guest" means a guest for only a brief stay, such as the traveling public.

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