Montana Code Annotated 1995

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     7-2-2316. Form of ballot. (1) The form of the ballot used at such elections shall be as follows: there shall be a stub across the top of each ballot and separated therefrom by a perforated line.
     (2) Upon the face of the stub there shall be printed the following instructions:
     "To vote this ballot the elector will write in the blank space on the ballot the name of the town or place at which he desires the permanent county seat to be located."
     (3) The ballot below the perforated line shall be in the following form:
     "For the permanent county seat of .... County (here insert name of county) my choice is ...."
     (4) When the name of a town or place in a county shall be so inserted in the blank space on such ballot by an elector and the ballot has been cast as provided by law, the same shall be deemed a vote for the designated town or place as the location of the permanent county seat of said county.

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