Montana Code Annotated 1995

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     7-2-2502. Petition to change county name. (1) Petitions for change of names must be heard and determined by the district court of the county whose name is sought to be changed.
     (2) A petition for the change of the name, designation, appellation, cognomen, or title of any county in this state must be signed by a number of the legal voters who are taxpayers in such county equal, at least, to 25% of the whole number of votes cast for the office of governor of Montana in such county at the gubernatorial election next preceding the circulation of such petition. The signatures, in each instance, must be the genuine personal signature of the voter attaching his name to the petition. The petition must specify the present name of the county, the name proposed, and the reason or reasons for such change of name and must be entitled in and addressed to the appropriate district court.

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