Montana Code Annotated 1995

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     7-2-4106. First election for officers. (1) When the incorporation of a city or town is completed, the board of county commissioners shall give notice for 30 days in a newspaper published within the limits of the city or town or, if none is published within the limits, by posting notices in six public places within the limits of the city or town of the time and place or places of holding the first election for offices of the city or town. The election must be held in conjunction with a regular or primary election.
     (2) At the election, all the electors qualified by the general election laws of the state who have resided within the limits of the city or town for 6 months and within the limits of the ward for 30 days preceding the election are qualified electors and may choose officers for the city or town, to hold office as prescribed in 7-2-4107.
     (3) The board shall appoint election judges and canvass and declare the result of the election. The election must be conducted in the manner required by law for the election of county officers.

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